AIoT Forward Webinar Series

Better Process, Better Results

ASUS is known for creating products and services that exceed industry standards. Our engineers design to exacting standards to guarantee quality, and we use only the best components to ensure real-world performance and reliability. Along with offering customized production at low or high volumes, ASUS also provides flexible options for modified standards or fully customized design and manufacturing services for modules, motherboards or systems.

All ASUS products undergo a series of strict validations, so customers can rest assured that they will receive consistent results of the highest quality.

  • Dynamic tests - Altitude, vibration, shocks, and drops
  • Environment tests - Temperature, humidity, thermal, acoustic noise and hardware monitor
  • Power tests - Line voltage and frequency, power consumption, power line disturbance
  • Function tests - BIOS for UEFI, system utilities, OS, and external hardware compatibility
  • Emissions tests - EMC, EMI

ASUS factories are certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 13485, QC 080000, and ISO/TS 16949 and ASUS offers customers the opportunity to visit our production facilities. To schedule a visit, please contact with your local ASUS representative.

Global Reach, Local Touch

ASUS has hundreds of local service centers around the world that provide efficient, timely service by enabling customers to drop office items in need of repair instead of shipping them to a remote location. These service centers are either owned or operated by ASUS or by authorized service providers trained and certified by ASUS to provide the best service and quality.