AIoT Forward Webinar Series

ASUS IoT solutions are tailor-made for manufacturing applications and essential use cases, including AI-driven predictive maintenance of single assets, AI-powered automated optical inspection, production optimization, surveillance and physical threat detection. These solutions reduce costs, increase safety and security, improve quality assurance and facilitate regulatory compliance. They also result in greater overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to improve efficiency and, ultimately, profits.
By the application of smart manufacture, ASUS IoT defines our product strategy to categorize our product portfolio into 3 segments:
1) The entry level model which is using Arm-based quad core processor which balance the power consumption and computing power.
2) The mainstream level model which is using Intel Core-I 15W CPU, featured with more interfaces and computing power.
3) The high-end model which is using Intel Core-I 35 & 65W CPU, featured with 3 PCIe expansion slots for graphic, I/O and AI accelerator cards.

  • PE100A

    PE100A is an entry level model of IoT Edge Gateway, it has a pico-ITX SBC and I/O board inside. The gateway is mostly installed close to the machines or devices to collect data and do data pre-processing, filter or PLC protocol conversion. So only the necessary and required data will be sent to the north-bound.

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  • PE200 Series

    PE200 is an edge aggregator, which we utilize Intel Core-I 15W or ATOM processor which brings more powerful computing capability so that it is able to be placed in the 2nd layer of the network topology. The edge aggregator is used to aggregate all the data collected from the gateways.

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  • ASUS Telemedicine Cart

    PE400D series which features with Intel 10th Gen. Core-I and Xeon processors. The edge server is usually placed to the control center, with its powerful computing performance and expansion capability such as AI accelerator cards, graphic or I/O module cards.  The edge server can therefore display the OEE of the plant and do some real-time AI analytics to the big data that it collects from all the aggregators and gateways. To guarantee the operation stability of the server since it runs so many data & owns so many info at the same time. PE400D is certified with IEC 61000-6-2/4 heavy industry certification. Which offers the best electrical noise resistance.

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