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Why to choose ASUS Smart Retail Solution?

“Fast learning” that only needs 10 photos with few seconds
“Express checkout” helps enable self-service
“Cyber Security for both IT and OT” make sure all the environments are well-protected and avoid from any kinds of attack.
“Flexible and Scalable with Client needs” that fits all equipment application
“Intel IoT Solutions Alliance” provide better cost structure. GPU even no need for some application.

  • Mask detection facial recognition system :

    Wear a mask or not , accuracy 98%.

    In the situation of pandemic, it is required to put on mask when stay indoor of public. Once customers entering the market, ASUS IoT facial recognition and mask detection can be deployed at the gate. It can also link to door opening mechanism. Accuracy is up to 98%.

  • People flow and crowded density

    The accuracy is up to 98%.

    Social distance is highly concerned. How to keep enjoyable shopping experiences but not to compromise measurement for healthy. ASUS IoT People flow and crowded density are an important information not just for marketing but also healthy security. Total number of customers can be controlled in order to keep social distance. The accuracy is up to 98%.

  • Objection recognition

    The accuracy is up to 90%.

    To reduce the chance of contact, self-checkout can be smarter. ASUS IoT AI with objection recognition can autonomously detect and even calculate the cost of purchasing. You don’t need to scan the barcode anymore. Just put all your purchasing on the weight and pricing will be detected and calculated automatically. All information will have alignment with restoration of a stock, so it’s easier for retailer to manage the stock. The accuracy is up to 90%.

  • ASUS IoT cyber security

    OT networks protection and monitoring.

    the security of operational system for a shop,ASUS IoT cyber security is always headache for shop owner. You may have information technology protection, but it doesn’t mean operational technology protection is also in place. ASUS, alliance with Gorilla, provides solutions for OT networks protection and monitoring.

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