ASUS Aura SDK v3.1 Developer's Guide

The AURA SDK is a set of software libraries that can be used to control LED’s of ASUS AURA series devices, such as keyboards, mice, mother boards, and more.

To support more AURA devices in a genral way and more programming languages other than C and C++, the AURA SDK has been re-structured from scratch. The latested version (v3.1) is built with Microsoft™’s Component Object Model (COM) technology (include support for OLE Automation), which makes it easy to be used with programming language with COM supported. Furthermore, device control functions are now seperated as Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) libraries. You can add/remove AURA devices support by simply installing/removing HAL’s without modifying your application.

Besides using COM-based API directly, plugins of Unity and Unreal engines are also available. These plugins provide some more advanced functions that can be easily adopted.

The figure below roughly describes the architecture of AURA SDK v3.1: