Q1: How to deactivate/unlock Demo App from non-MP device?

(Pre-load content does not apply to non-MP device. If Asus Manager accidentally trigger a device without content, it will show a blue icon on the main page’s left-top corner and the factory reset function is locked. Please follow the steps below to solve this problem.)

Step 1: Download demo content ( by model name (click to download)

Step 2: Unzip

Step 3: Directly copy this unzipped APD folder to your device’s internal storage

From your PC:

From your device:

Step 4: Follow deactivate video here:

Q2: How to solve the problem if the demo device shows warning message: “Warning: APD or ADF does not exist” after you trigger it?

(For specific models, we have to execute system update/image update in order to be able trigger Demo APP)

If your device is ME102A (ASUS MeMO Pad™ 10), please visit here for more detail:

If your device is ME180A (ASUS MeMO Pad™ 8), please visit here for more detail: