Update Your ASUS AMD FM2+ Motherboard By BIOS and Driver in a flash

Ready for New AMD A-Series 'Godavari' APU

    Three steps checklist:
  • Is your motherboard on the ‘supported model list’? Click the button below to find out
  • Choose your update method – USB Flashback or EZ Update tool
  • Update the latest graphics driver from the official website for better performance!

USB BIOS Flashback

System requirements:

  • Power supply
  • USB storage
  • ASUS AMD FM2+ motherboards featuring USB BIOS Flashback

1. Launch USB BIOS Flashback

Launch this software from Ai Suite 3 and click ”Check for New BIOS Update” to search for the latest BIOS.



2. Download the BIOS file and save it to root folder on the USB storage device

Select the USB storage device and click “Download.” The BIOS file will be automatically renamed and saved to the top-level(root) folder on the USB storage device.


+BIOS Utilities

3. Connect a power supply to your system

4. Plug USB storage device and press the button to complete the BIOS update

Plug the SUB storage device into the motherboard’s USB BIOS Flashback port. Now press and hold USB BIOS Flashback button/ onboard BIOS button for 3 seconds until the LED begins to blink, then release.

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BIOS Updater

System requirements:

  • A Running ASUS FM2+ motherboard-base system required

1. Download the Compatible BIOS from the website

Download the latest relevant BIOS file for AMD A-Series ‘Godavari’ APU for your motherboard from ASUS official website at www.asus.com/support. Refer to the ‘supported model list’ to confirm your UEFI BIOS version.



2. Launch the EZ Update tool

Double-Click the EZ Update icon to launch the BIOS Update for AMD A-Series ‘Godavari’ APU

3. Select the BIOS file to start update

Click ‘Browse’ then select BIOS file, click on ‘Update’ button to proceed the update.

4. Click the Flash Button to proceed the update

Click ‘Flash’ button to start the update

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Driver Update

System requirements:

  • Ensure your system BIOS in ASUS AMD FM2+ Motherboard is in the latest version

1. Download the latest driver to start the update

Download the graphics driver V14.502.1013.0 or later to your system from ASUS official website at www.asus.com/support



2. Install the latest driver to complete procedure

Finish the update by following the install direction.


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Supported model list

The following AMD FM2+ Series motherboards can be updated with the listed (or later) BIOS and driver version for compatibility with the all new AMD A-Series ‘Godavari’ APU

Chipset Model name UEFI BIOS
UEFI BIOS update tool Graphics Driver Version
BIOS Flashback EZ Update
A88X CROSSBLADE RANGER 1002 Yes Yes V14.502.1013.0
A88X-PRO 1902 Yes Yes
A88X-GAMER 904   Yes
A88X-PLUS 2302   Yes
A88XM-PLUS 2202   Yes
A88XM-A 2204   Yes
A88XM-E 1204   Yes
A78 A78M-A 1501   Yes
A78M-E 1304   Yes
A68 A68HM-PLUS 803   Yes
A68HM-E 803   Yes
A68HM-K 803   Yes
A68HM-F 507   Yes
A58 A58-C 804   Yes
A58M-A/USB3 1505   Yes
A58M-A/BR 1201   Yes
A58M-E 1603   Yes
A58M-E R2.0 703   Yes
A58M-K 1302   Yes
A58M-F 1303   Yes
A55 A55-C PLUS 1004   Yes
A55BM-PLUS 2102   Yes
A55BM-A/USB3 2701   Yes
A55BM-E 2501   Yes
A55BM-E/BR 1701   Yes
A55BM-K 1801   Yes