IWEP Validation Procedure

The International Warranty Extension Package must be registered and activated online within 90 days of your ASUS Notebook purchase date. This package will expire if you have not registered it within the specified period and you will not be able to enjoy the package benefits. ASUS recommends that you register this package right after purchasing it. To register and activate your ASUS IWEP, follow these step.

1. Become an ASUS Member

Go to the ASUS Member website at https://account.asus.com/ and sign up to become an ASUS member. If you are already an ASUS member, proceed to Step 2.

2. Register your product

Log in to the ASUS Member website at https://account.asus.com/ and click on “Product Registration” from the left side menu. Please fill in the form with the relevant details of your notebook. If you have already registered your product, proceed to Step 3.

3. Activate International Warranty Extension Package Service

Click on “Warranty Extension Activation” on the left side menu and follow these instructions:

1. Select the registered product for which you have bought the International Warranty Extension Package.

2. On the online form, enter the Contract Code and Password obtained from the back of your ASUS IWEP VIP card. Click on “Submit” to finish the process.

4. Relax and Enjoy Your ASUS Notebook

Congratulations! You are now guaranteed of an excellent ASUS warranty service for your ASUS notebook. Remember to stick your ASUS IWEP Label next to the serial number at the back of your ASUS notebook and keep your VIP card in a safe place for future reference.