Powered by ASUS. Tailored & Trusted Performance, with Bragging Rights

Powered by ASUS consists of pre-built computer systems developed in collaboration between ASUS and the Nordic region's leading computer manufacturers. Now, a completely new set of systems are launched with a focus on discerning gamers. With the market's widest product range for gaming products for PCs, and our establishment in several new product categories over the last few years, it has become a natural step to offer complete PC systems. The systems consist of three themes: TUF Gaming, ROG Strix, and ROG. These systems are put together into high-performing gaming PCs by our carefully selected partners.

World’s #1 Motherboard Brand

ASUS has been the world’s leading motherboard brand for over 10 years, committed to innovation and performance. It is also the most award-winning motherboard brand, built on four core pillars — Best-selling, Easy to use, Stable and Trusted. With an ASUS motherboard you are getting 27 years of experience, research, and development – it does not get better than this.

World’s #1 Graphics Card Brand

The graphics card has become one of the most important components in a system when it comes to the overall experience, both for the performance in games, but also the overall experience of your PC as it can be the major factor to noise generated. With many more exclusive cooling technologies and intuitive software design, ASUS graphics cards provide truly elite gaming experiences.

Power Supply Units

ASUS & ROG power supply units leverage years of industry experience in gaming hardware to deliver powerful innovation to the market. Fan technology from our high-end graphics cards and ROG heatsinks ensure exemplary cooling across the entire lineup, and a range of visual enhancements such as OLED displays, Aura RGB lighting, and replaceable decals distinguish each series and bring premium aesthetics to any build.


The ASUS & ROG AIO coolers lineups deliver the incredible performance to keep thermals under control. Combined with iconic gaming aesthetic designs and visual effects with the LiveDash OLED and Aura Sync RGB lighting, ASUS AIO coolers bring next-level performance and style to the heart of your build.

The ROG Series

The ROG systems use the most expensive and high-performing components on the market. The systems are based in the robust TUF Gaming “GT501” or ROG Strix Helios chassis, which provides good opportunities for both airflow and upgrade possibilities. High demands are placed on each individual component, where the ROG motherboards form the basis, and the latest generation of graphics cards from ASUS adds raw power, to create the best possible conditions for gaming performance. Innovative cooling design allows the selected premium components to be pushed to the max, and smart software solutions allow you to tailor the computer to suit your needs. A ROG computer has everything, and more - these are systems built so that you can handle all games at maxed out settings!

The ROG Strix Series

PBA systems with a ROG Strix theme are characterized by lavish components, often with the ability to put your own stamp on the system by using brightened RGB effects. The graphics cards from ROG Strix, with its massive 2.9-slot cooler, are perhaps right now the markets most sought after. The Strix graphics cards are built on ASUS custom-designed circuit boards and come with higher clock frequencies, straight out of the factory. Everything is then mounted in the stylish TUF Gaming "GT301", “GT501”, or ROG Strix Helios chassis. With a ROG Strix system, you will be able to play the newest, and most demanding titles, and pump up the FPS in any e-sport game.

The TUF Series

PBA computers based on TUF Gaming components are created to offer affordable gaming computers that, despite their price tag, offer components with great added value. The basis of the construction is the TUF motherboard which is mounted in the stylish "GT301" or “GT501” chassis. TUF motherboards use lavish components and have functionality that was previously only found in the most expensive of computers. TUF Gaming graphics cards are also used, which have become immensely popular among the latest generation of graphics cards.

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