MAXimus ix Apex

    Back to where ROG began

    The ROG Maximus IX Apex motherboard is the latest ground-breaking addition to the ROG product family, drawing players back to ROG's origins — a one-of-a-kind community for world-class cutting-edge enthusiasts that seek to reach the apex of performance and gaming. The Maximus IX Apex is engineered to provide the best overclocking experiences while including modern ROG touches with a radical aesthetic for gamers. Apex is crafted to be a natural fit for showcase PC builds for gaming and style-conscious enthusiasts — where pure adrenaline meets pure style.

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    Performance ENTHUSIASTS

    Gaming enthusiasts

    Stylish-conscious enthusiasts

    Redefining Limits

    The Maximus IX Apex is positioned as a true performance-oriented motherboard, with ROG's R&D team breaking all the boundaries to create the most optimal trace layout and highest-quality power delivery. With its 2-DIMM DRAM design, Apex has already surpassed the performance peak by setting multiple world records and global first places to break several long-standing records. These include the best Intel© Core™ CPU-frequency since the X58 platform-based motherboards, with a record of 7.383GHz on a single core and one thread and 7.328GHz on four cores and eight threads. It also set a reference clock (BCLK) at 584MHz and a memory frequency surpassing the 5GHz, with 5041MHz. In total, Maximus IX Apex hasbroken 8 WRs 13 GFPs


    584 Mhz




    First Places

    Revolutionary design

    There's no end to evolution. Apex is built to surpass all other motherboards, inside and out, with radical aesthetics and a second-to-none M.2 cooling design.


    The DIMM.2 module has an exclusive design that accepts two M.2 drives vertically-mounted on a DDR4 interface. This allows a DRAM fan cooler to direct air towards the M.2 drives to prevent throttling.

    X-shaped PCB

    An asymmetrical X-shaped PCB gives the Maximus IX Apex a radical appearance. The cut-out sections of the motherboard allow Aura Sync lighting to shine through for an even more impressive build.

    Aircraft-inspired heatsink

    The stealth-fighter-inspired heatsink features sharp, chiseled edges and flat surfaces for visual impact.

    Illuminated customizable nameplate

    Your insignia on your motherboard. Use the bundled DIY kit to customize your own name plate with Aura RGB lighting.