Dual-band Wireless-N900 USB Adapter

  • Powerful dual-band 3x3 USB adapter delievers high speed 450Mbps
  • 2.4GHz/5GHz dual-band reduces Wi-Fi interference for smooth HD streaming
  • Patented orthogonal antenna design for the best Wi-Fi coverage
  • Hardware high power switch switches performance modes
  • Turns into a wireless access point to allow internet connection sharing
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    Most Power USB Network Adapter

    The ASUS USB-N66 is a dual-band 450Mbps USB network adapter with powerful performance and a truly exhilarating design. The stylish pyramid shape offers both artistic merit and a practical approach to technology, embedded with orthogonally-arranged antennas to lessen interference and boost signal coverage. Dual 2.4GHz/5GHz operating bands and hardware high/standard power switchable modes meet diverse needs for every user segment, while software AP turns your device into a wireless access point to share internet connections.

    Dual-band transmission for lag-free entertainment

    With MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) technology, the USB-N66 provides up to 450Mbps high speed transmission for virtually lag-free streaming and high performance networking. Dual-band operation caters to both home and power users: with 2.4GHz, web browsing and emailing are faster, and when HD streaming or online gaming are called for, the 5GHz band provides blazingly fast home entertainment.

    Orthogonal antennas for wider covergae

    With the unique orthogonal arrangement of the three antennas as designed by ASUS research and development, the USB-N66 prevents interference between each antenna, greatly boosting coverage.

    Exciting silver and black pyramid design with blue LED

    ASUS presents an unprecedented artistic design, expressing new ideas inspired by space exploration and future technology. Furthermore, the distinct rippled pattern signifies the far-reaching excellence of coverage provided by the USB-N66.

    Triple the power for up to 150% wider Wi-Fi range

    The hardware high/standard power mode switch offers another ASUS exclusive design that better caters to the diverse needs of different user segments. While standard power mode delivers fast wireless across average home usage ranges, high power mode provides up to three times the output and 150% greater range to overcome the limitations of distance and other obstacles.

    Easy-share software AP

    Perfect for sharing internet connections with colleagues while on a business trip, the USB-N66 features software AP capabilties that enable you to create a small WLAN environment and connect to the internet via ICS (Internet Connection Sharing). Together with ACL (Access Control List), this lets you easily manage access privileges and quickly turn your PC into a wireless access point.

    Supports multiple Windows®, Mac OS, and Linux

    Extensive operating system compatibility brings the ease and convenience of high speed USB connectivity to nearly every device available.