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    ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501VW

    The Art of Power

    The stunningly-beautiful ZenBook Pro UX501 doesn't just lead its class - it redefines it. Using the best materials, the finest craftsmanship and the most advanced high-performance components, ZenBook Pro has jaw-dropping style and breathtaking performance. The timelessly-elegant design of the ZenBook family, with the iconic spun-metal finish echoing the spirit of Zen, is subtly enhanced with brilliant diamond-cut highlights and brushed-metal surfaces that add a touch of sophistication. The elegant theme is continued in the stylish ripple-effect pattern laser-engraved on its surface. ZenBook Pro is more than an incredibly-powerful laptop - it's a true work of art.

    More colors.
    Better colors.

    100% sRGB display for superb color accuracy

    ZenBook Pro's display features an ultra-wide color gamut of 72% NTSC, 100% sRGB and 74% Adobe RGB. In plain language, this means it can display more colors, more accurate colors and more vivid colors than any standard display. IPS technology ensures that contrast and color reproduction are not degraded at wide viewing angles up to 178 degrees, and with factory-calibrated color temperature for consistent color, ZenBook Pro sets a new standard for laptop displays.


    The best performance in class

    The 'Pro' in ZenBook Pro isn't just an empty promise. Every single component — without exception — is chosen to deliver outstanding performance. A high-performance Intel® Core™ i7 processor, teamed with 16GB of RAM and gaming-grade NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ 960M graphics provide desktop-level performance, and the ultra-fast up to 512GB PCIe® x4 SSD storage with its transfer speeds of 1400MB/s ensures maximum responsiveness. The latest dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 let you can connect to the outside world at the fastest possible speeds, and three SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports plus HDMI, mini DisplayPort and optional Thunderbolt™ connectivity give you access to the latest high-performance peripherals. Professionals deserve nothing less.

    Breathtaking Performance

    Four brains think faster than one

    At the heart of ZenBook Pro is the incredibly powerful quad-core Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ processor, giving effortless performance for any task you can think of. With a massive 16GB of RAM, ZenBook Pro gives you super-smooth multitasking and plenty of processing horsepower in reserve for even the most intensive number-crunching tasks. ZenBook Pro will never run out of steam, whether you're manipulating multiple large office documents like spreadsheets and graphics-loaded presentations, watching 4K videos, rendering complex 3D graphics or simply relaxing with the latest and most resource-hungry 3D games.

    Ultimate Graphics for Exclusive Experience

    A display as superb as that on ZenBook Pro deserves only the most powerful graphics, so we chose the amazing NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ 960M for its gaming-grade performance. With up to 4GB of fast GDDR5 video RAM, you'll enjoy silky-smooth 4K/UHD video playback, effortless 3D rendering, and immersive gaming with ultra-high frame-rates.

    Ultimate Graphics for Exclusive Experience

    Blazing-fast actions for smoother gaming

    For the most immersive and enjoyable gaming experience you need a graphics powerhouse that can take all the latest games in its stride, with high frame-rates for smooth gameplay even at the highest resolution and detail levels. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M GPU fits the bill perfectly, with DirectX 11.0 support for compatibility with all the latest, hottest games.

    Ultimate Graphics for Exclusive Experience

    Sophisticated photography calls for advanced imaging

    The combination of a color-accurate 4K/UHD VisualMaster display and the superb performance and quality of the NVIDIA graphics is the dream combination for photo-editing. With over eight million pixels on the screen, you can edit and enhance photos faster and more accurately than ever before, with a level of detail and clarity you never thought possible.

    Ultimate Graphics for Exclusive Experience

    Video editing made easy with unparalleled performance

    Editing high-definition videos can be a frustrating task on an underpowered laptop. ZenBook Pro has all the ingredients needed to make sure your creativity isn't hampered by waiting: a powerful processor, lots of high-speed RAM, ultra-fast flash storage and, of course, a high-performance NVIDIA graphics chip. The smooth, fluid and responsive graphics performance ensures your editing will flow, not stutter along.

    The World's Fastest SSD

    Ultimate speed designed for professionals

    A high-performance solid-state disk (SSD) with a PCIe® x4 interface gives ZenBook Pro the fastest storage available - its read/write speeds of up to 1400 MB/s are twice as fast as competing PCIe® x2 models - so you'll never be kept waiting for the operating system to boot or for applications to load. Data transfers are not only blindingly-fast, but are reliable and totally silent, making ZenBook Pro a real joy to use.

    Next-Generation Wi-Fi

    ZenBook Pro includes next-generation dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi, with speeds of up to 867Mbit/s - three times as fast as previous-generation 802.11n. With twice the coverage, you can work or play anywhere, anytime. And what's more, it works perfectly with all your existing wireless devices.

    with 4K/2K resolution

    6+ Hours of Computing Satisfaction

    Web, video, work or anything you enjoy

    With ZenBook Pro's high-capacity 96Wh lithium-polymer battery and clever ASUS thermal engineering gives you up to six hours battery life even with its high-resolution FHD display - which is pretty impressive when you consider the amazing performance. ZenBook Pro is designed to be the perfect traveling companion: it turns on in an instant so it's always ready to go, and it lasts for up to two weeks in standby mode. Your data is always safe too, as ZenBook Pro automatically saves it to the hard disk if the battery charge level drops below 5%.

    with 4K/2K resolution

    Connect Even Faster

    Thunderbolt® 3 and USB 3.1 – on a single Type-C port!

    ZenBook Pro UX501VW introduces the latest Thunderbolt® 3 connectivity from Intel®, which uses a USB Type-C port to give you unprecedented flexibility and hyper-fast data transfer speeds — up to 40Gbit/s via Thunderbolt® 3 , and up to 10Gbit/s via USB 3.1! This incredible technology makes UX501VW the ultimate mobile powerhouse, allowing you to transfer even the largest files in mere seconds. And that's not all — ZenBook Pro also has three SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports, which feature exclusive ASUS USB Charger+ technology that charges mobile devices much quicker than standard USB ports — even when ZenBook Pro is powered off.

    SonicMaster Premium : Truly Incredible Sound

    ZenBook Pro features SonicMaster Premium, incorporating ICEpower®, Bang & Olufsen technology, developed by the ASUS Golden Ear audio engineering team for the ultimate audio experience. SonicMaster Premium produces sound that's best-in-class and unlike anything you've ever heard from a laptop, with deep rich bass and crystal-clear vocals, even at high volume levels.

    Easy Audio Tuning

    Different sound sources need different audio settings, a task that is made incredibly easy with the exclusive AudioWizard software. With five presets for different types of audio - music, movies, speech, gaming and recording - AudioWizard ensures that you always get the best possible sound, whatever you're listening to or recording. And if you want even more fine-tuning, the powerful and intuitive ICEsound® software gives you full manual control of advanced audio settings.

    Designed to Sound Amazing

    To achieve its premium sound quality, ZenBook Pro uses custom-built, high-quality speakers with oval voice coils and oversize shielded magnets for improved bass response. Combined with large resonant chambers and the aluminum chassis design, these produce a powerful full-frequency sound.

    Enjoy Noise-Free Voice Chat

    The integrated dual-element array microphone on ZenBook Pro gives you high-quality audio for video chats, gaming and video-conferencing. Noise suppression filters out ambient noise, while acoustic echo-cancelling reduces feedback and echoes. Beamforming focuses the recording area to a 60-degree cone so only your voice is picked up, not the background chatter.

    The Power of Touch

    The smarter touchpad

    Featuring the same 16:9 aspect ratio as the 4K/UHD display, the large glass-coated multi-touch touchpad on ZenBook Pro is designed to be as intuitive and accurate as possible. Smart Gestures simulate many of Windows 10 touchscreen function on the touchpad and also work in a wide range of applications.

    The Power of Touch

    Backlit for a better typing experience

    A keyboard is still the best way to get things done for most professionals, so naturally we gave ZenBook Pro the best available. The keys are expertly tuned to require just the right amount of force to press and have just the right amount of travel -1.6mm to be precise - so it's both quiet and comfortable for extended periods of typing. The separate number keys are a boon for data entry, and the backlight lets you always be able to see the keys, wherever you're working - even in complete darkness.

    The Power of Touch

    A touch of precision

    Touch is at the very heart of ZenBook Pro. Its ultra-responsive 10-point multi-touch display uses high-fidelity touch sensors that are 30% smaller and two times more sensitive than the industry standard requires. This gives you instant, accurate touch performance for writing, drawing, navigating and more.

    Your ZenBook Pro, Your Cloud

    ASUS cloud services are an integral part of ZenBook Pro, giving you a complete platform for online living and working, and accessible anywhere from a multitude of devices. Each ZenBook Pro includes a 16GB ASUS WebStorage account, which is completely free for one year. With WebStorage, your personal stuff is always with you on any internet-connected device. Your files are synchronized between all your devices, so you always have instant access to the latest versions. Sharing files is simple, too, whether via email, instant messaging or your favorite social network. It's how the cloud was meant to be.