ROG Announces Strix Scope RX Keyboard

    New gaming keyboard boasts ROG RX Optical Mechanical Switches and other gamer-centric features

    TAIPEI, Taiwan, November 6, 2020—ASUSRepublic of Gamers (ROG) today announced ROG Strix Scope RX, the first gaming keyboard to feature ROG RX Red Optical Mechanical Switches that give gamers consistent wobble-free keystrokes, superfast 1 millisecond response, and up to a 100-million-keystroke lifespan.

    Better switches

    The premium ROG RX Red Optical Mechanical Keyboard Switches used in ROG Strix Scope RX are the first in the world to feature a hollow-square stem design with embedded RGB LEDs to provide all-round per-key lighting. The unique design delivers near-zero debounce delay to ensure instantaneous activation the moment a key is pressed. The hollow-square stem and X-stabilizer mechanism provide consistent wobble-free keystrokes, and remarkable durability with up to a 100-million-keypress lifespan.

    Premium features

    The original ROG Strix Scope keyboard was a major hit, and the new ROG Strix Scope RX builds on that success with the introduction of ROG RX Red Optical Mechanical Keyboard Switches. While it boasts these incredible new switches, at the core of ROG Strix Scope RX are the same proven, popular features that were found in its predecessor.

    In developing the Strix Scope RX, the ROG R&D team studied the play style of FPS gamers and designed a Ctrl key that’s twice as wide as usual, making it easier to reach and hit.

    Marked with an iconic cloaked-figure keycap, the unique Stealth key instantly hides all apps and mutes all audio, assuring instant privacy. A simple tap engages it, and another tap brings apps and audio back up.

    ROG Strix Scope RX also features a Quick-Toggle switch that allows users to toggle the top row between Media or Function (Fn) key input ― so it’s easy to shift from gaming to daily use. In addition, the keyboard offers USB 2.0 passthrough for a mouse or flash drive, or for charging mobile devices.

    Dust and spill-resistant

    ROG Strix Scope RX offers industry-leading IP56 dust and water resistance, so it is well-protected from accidental spills and dust. The durable aluminum alloy top plate provides structural rigidity to give gamers long-lasting and reliable performance.