Jaya Prithivi Raj

    Founder and Editor

    The Adventures of Vesper

    The Adventures of Vesper, a part of Sparkological Media, based in Malaysia is a company that focuses on bringing both Technology and Lifestyle centric content in such a way that it’s easier to understand and doesn’t overwhelm readers who are entirely new to the tech industry. That said, this is no easy feat as Vesper often covers tech content that’s truly unique to the media. Hence, the team needed a laptop that could not only match but also catch up with their workflow. After much consideration, Vesper selected ASUS ExpertBook B9 as their top choice.

    As explained by Founder/Editor of Vesper, Jaya Prithivi Raj, “Two years in and counting, the ASUS ExpertBook B9 is a match made in heaven and has been my go-to laptop for all things on the move. To me, it’s the laptop that fits like a glove and that, is hard to come by itself and now that I have it, it's hard to let go.