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  1. The ASUS 3+1 Year Extended Warranty (“Extended Warranty”) is offered by ASUSTek Computer Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (“ASUS”)
  2. This ASUS Extended Warranty is applicable for ASUS products which are covered under the Extended Warranty and valid in Malaysia only.
  3. The ASUS 3+1 Year Extended Warranty shall applicable to all Motherboard and Graphics Card Model.
  4. This Extended Warranty is valid for purchases within the period of 1st Dec 2023 to 31st Dec 2024 (both dates inclusive).
  5. The Extended Warranty shall commence from the purchase date and applicable only for ASUS genuine product which includes Motherboard (include TUF Gaming except TUF Series) and Graphics Card.
  6. The customer shall not be eligible for the extended warranty until the product is registered online at https://my.asus.click/3+1ExtendedWarranty/ within 3 months from the date of purchase and when customer received a returned confirmation from ASUS via SMS or Email.
  7. ASUS shall not be liable or whatsoever for any failure by customer not to register the Product within the above timeframe and to comply with the requirements.
  8. Any submission that are without and/or incomplete proof of purchase will not be accepted.
  9. The following indicative list of circumstances shall not be covered by the Extended Warranty:
    • The Product is damaged due to transportation, fall, weather, extreme temperatures, shock, improper use, mishandling or negligence after the purchase of the Product;
    • The Product is damaged as a result of but not limited to natural disasters (storm, fire, water, flood, and lightning), theft, burglary, malicious damage, and accidental external impact
    • Any liability incurred as a result of a breakdown or defects directly caused by software installation and removal and computer virus or realignment of products will not be covered.
    • The Product is damaged as a result of connection to irregular voltage sources.
    • The Product is not purchased from ASUS’s authorized distributors and resellers.
    • The Product has been modified, alterations and/or willfully damaged in anyway.
    • The customer fails to provide the sales receipt or purchase invoice as a proof-of-purchase.
  10. Kindly contact our customer service hotline at 1300-88-3495 or refer to the Authorized Dealer where you purchase the Product for the warranty claim.
  11. ASUS decisions on all matters relating to Extended Warranty including the decisions in determining the eligibility will be final, conclusive and binding and no further correspondence or attempts to appeal, review or dispute of such decisions will be entertained.
  12. ASUS shall not be liable for any misinterpretation or misrepresentation of facts in respect of the Extended Warranty published in any mass media, marketing or advertising materials.
  13. ASUS reserve the right to modify or cancel the Extended Warranty at any time; or change the Terms and Conditions for this Extended Warranty, anytime without prior notice.
  14. For user that encounter issue with redemption, please email to contactus_my@asus.com with error screenshot.

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