Important Information

Perfect Warranty Service

Last Update : 2020/03/18

  • Perfect Warranty Program is created to help protect device against damages such as:  liquid spills, electrical surges, drops, and accidental breakages.
  • This is only applicable for Malaysia & Brunei. Device purchased outside of the Malaysia and Brunei are not eligible.
  • Any purchase of ASUS Consumer Notebook & Gaming Series from 1st January 2020 (Only applicable for ASUS Consumer Notebook & Gaming Series launched from 1st January 2019 and 2020 onwards.

  • Consumer is eligible for (1) time Repair Service on the (1st) year of manufacturer warranty. Perfect Warranty is not applicable on the (2nd) year of manufacturer warranty.
  • Consumer is required to pay at 20% of Total Key Parts Fee under this Perfect Warranty. Key Parts include LCD, Main Board, Processor, Hard Disk Drive, SSD, memory or parts is identified by ASUS under Key Parts category (Labor fee shall be fully paid by the consumer).
  • All components repaired or replaced by an ASUS Service Center shall be covered under warranty for (1) months or for the remainder of the manufacturer warranty period, whichever is applicable.
  • Perfect Warranty only applies to ASUS original hardware built into the ASUS Products, excluding any parts not installed by ASUS, non-ASUS parts replaced by ASUS Service Center, any software, external devices, accessories, peripherals and bundled consumables (including but not limited to the battery of the product, carry bags, support discs, cables and wires or mouse).
  • Perfect Warranty does NOT apply to the following: scratches and dents, incorrect or inadequate customer installation, lost or stolen products, intentional damage, recovery or transfer or stored data to the product, requests for miscellaneous cables or accessories, and damages caused by acts of God, nature, or war.
  • ASUS is not responsible for the restoration or reinstallation of any data or programs other than software installed by ASUS when the ASUS Product was manufactured.
  • ASUS reserves the right to amend perfect warranty details without prior notice.