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ASUS ZBD (Zero Bright Dot )

ASUS Guarantees Notebooks with Bright Dot Free Liquid Crystal Displays

Introducing Zero Bight Dot Policy for the W2, W1, V6, and M6 Notebook Series

Imagine you were doing bookkeeping on Excel and mistook a dead pixel for a decimal point Surely, that won't get you up the corporate ladder. So what do you know about LCD dead pixels and what can you do about these annoying twinkle stars and black holes?

ASUS is the first to stand out and make a promise to users worldwide that guarantees LCD panels with zero bright dots in four notebook models, including the W1, W2, V6 and M6 series. Even if only one bright dot is found, a free panel exchange is guaranteed within 30 days of original purchase! *

* The original purchase invoice, including purchase receipt or other proof of purchase, must be presented to claim for an exchange.

ASUS has been known for its unyielding commitment to quality. Starting from the careful selection of materials, ASUS uses only the best LCD panels in notebooks while most manufacturers choose to settle for lower quality standards.

In addition to the screening of panels, the ASUS research and development team spent numerous hours pouring over the electronics circuit design to make sure that every LCD panel will run smoothly without electronics interference.

The ASUS ZBD Policy is a promise of perfection. It demonstrates ASUS confidence in product quality management as well as its determination to become the best provider of the high-quality 3C solutions. Users can now shop for ASUS notebooks with complete confidence for total satisfaction. Next time when you shop for a notebook, be sure to look for the ASUS notebooks with Zero Bright Dot Policy guarantee!

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