Important Information

The Compatibility issue of iPhone 7 pairing with ZenWatch 2

 There are some “Compatibility Problem” between new iPhone7 & current Android wear-devices because of Bluetooth, Asus ZenWatch2 is included.

 When you have the compatibility problem of iPhone7 pairing with ZenWatch2, you may following 2 solutions:


  1. Pairing your current ZenWatch 2 with any Android Phone *(Android 4.3 above) or iPhone (exclude iphone7 and iOS8.2 above) to have auto-system-upgrade. Then you can pair ZenWatch 2 with your new iPhone7.
  2. Please contact ASUS Local service team* (1300 - 88 - 3495) so our service member can help to upgrade your ZenWatch2 quickly.

 ( *ASUS Local service team operating hours from Monday ~ Friday 9:00AM - 6:00PM, Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday)