1200 Cycles Battery Life

Experience enhanced laptop performance and reliability through our exclusive battery technology. It extends your battery’s life, increasing charging cycles from 1000 to 1200 in rigorous testing. 

This ensures your laptop serves you for an extended period, delivering long-lasting benefits.


This data is derived from ASUS laboratory testing, which involves simulating daily charging frequency as the testing standard. 

The actual lifespan of the battery may differ depending on factors such as product configuration, usage patterns, operational conditions, and power management settings. 

Over time, the battery’s longevity will naturally decrease. For more comprehensive information, please refer to below as shown.

1200 Cycles Battery Life Test

Test methods / Criteria / Results
TitleTest Method (Condition)
Cycle Life TestSample QTY:
3 pcs
1. Follow 0.2C charge/0.2C discharge for 1st cycle 
2. Fully charge battery by smart charge/0.5C discharge until 1200th cycle completed
3. Confirm and record capacity every 100 cycle   

63Wh Battery Test Result:

*The design requirements remain consistent across batteries with varying wattages, all of which can achieve a lifespan of 1200 cycles.