Moniteur portable ASUS MB169B+ - 15,6 pouces Full HD (1920x1080), alimenté par USB, IPS, ultra-mince, auto-rotatif

    • Moniteur portable en Full HD alimenté par USB de 15,6 pouces avec un câble USB 3.0 unique pour l'alimentation et la transmission des données
    • Le moniteur USB le plus mince et le plus léger au monde avec une élégante finition métallique
    • L'affichage à pivotement automatique s'accompagne du Smart Case d'ASUS - un socle utilisable de deux façons et une housse de protection
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/ MB168B+ Portable USB-powered Monitor

      MB169B+ Portable USB-powered Monitor

      Two Screens Are Better Than One

      One Cable Does the Job

      15.6-inch Full HD display with a single USB 3.0 cable for power and data transmission

      Sleek and Ultra-portable

      World’s slimmest and lightest USB monitors with a metallic finish

      Adjusting to Your Needs

      Auto-rotating display bundled with the ASUS Smart Case – a two-way adjustable stand and protective sleeve

             / MB168B+ Portable USB-powered Monitor

      One cable does the job,
      adding a second monitor has never been so easy

      The 15.6-inch MB169B+ portable USB-powered monitor needs just one USB cable for both its video signal and power to deliver up to a Full HD resolution. Thanks to the higher bandwidth of USB 3.0, experience fast, fluid images from your connected device that makes having an on-the-go multi-display setup a reality. What’s more, the MB169B+ is backwards compatible with a notebook or desktop PC USB 2.0 port*.

      *USB 2.0 connection may affect brightness settings and image quality.

      Sleek and ultra-portable with a Zen-inspired design

      With a slim 8.5 mm (0.3-inch) profile and tipping the scales at just 800g (1.76 pounds), the MB169B+ is the world’s slimmest and lightest companion display, ideal for a simple on-the-go dual-monitor setup and mobile presentations.

      A durable metallic finish with a fine pattern of concentric circles makes the MB169B+ the perfect complement to your notebook. And for added durability, it comes with a protective carrying case that doubles as an adjustable stand for tabletop use.

      Adjusting to your needs

      The MB169B+ with Auto Rotate (patent-pending) can automatically sense its orientation and switches the display between landscape and portrait based on its position; also, featuring IPS panel ensures a better viewing angle and nearly no color shift promise. These features provide you a more user-friendly scenario.

      *Auto Rotate functions work when EzLink Utility is properly installed and activated.

      Increased productivity with ASUS EzLink technology

      The MB169B+ features ASUS EzLink technology that offloads graphics processing from the PC to dedicated hardware in the monitor. As a result, a PC can drive up to five MB169B+ monitors at the same time, regardless of its own graphics capability — it just needs sufficient USB ports. EzLink also automatically restores application window positions as a MB169B+ monitor is connected and disconnected, and automatically rotates the image between landscape and portrait modes, as required.