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    Écoutez des sons incroyables, ressentez la puissance

    • SonicMaster Premium, incorporant les technologies ICEpower? Bang & Olufsen pour un son puissant et cristallin ainsi qu'un réalisme surround cinématique incroyable.
    • L'écran IPS ultra net procure une résolution jusqu'au Full HD 1080p avec de grands angles de vision de 178 degrés
    • Processeurs puissants Intel Core de 4e génération et des cartes graphiques NVIDIA GeForce destinées aux jeux
    • Finition métallique avec effets en filature pour un look élégant et moderne
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      ASUS N Series laptops feature bold, fresh styling and are crafted to provide a superior multimedia experience. Powerful 4th-generation Intel® Core™ processors ensure seamless multitasking, and gaming-grade NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics give and silky-smooth gameplay and movie playback. With stunning Full HD IPS screens and exclusive SonicMaster Premium audio, incorporating ICEpower®, Bang & Olufsen technology, N Series has simply the best sound and visuals you've ever heard or seen in a laptop.

      Elegant aluminum design with Full HD IPS display

      Simple, elegant design is the first thing that strikes you about N Series notebooks. The spun-metal finish on the cover, with its iconic concentric circle pattern, is both beautiful and distinctive. The backlit keyboard adds to the luxury feel, and the slim profile is stylish but practical. Full HD IPS anti-glare displays provide a visual treat, with ASUS Splendid technology ensuring crisp, rich and vibrant graphics.

      Slim, modern design for
      portability and style

      The spun-metal-effect finish, with a stylish ‘ripple' patterning around the speaker grilles, is not only stylish, but helps enhance sound clarity. The slim profile is just 31mm thick, giving an elegant, modern feel and outstanding portability.

      Striking Full HD IPS display with wide viewing angles

      All N Series laptops use ultra-crisp up to Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS displays with vibrant color, high brightness, and superb contrast. An optional anti-glare matte coating prevents unwanted reflections and repels unsightly fingerprints. The wide 178° viewing angles let you share screens easily with family, friends, or colleagues.






      Realistic colors with ASUS Splendid technology

      ASUS Splendid technology automatically adjusts color gamut, color temperature and color accuracy to ensure the maximum image quality in all applications, including movies, photos, and even games. Splendid has three preset modes plus a manual mode, making it easy to choose your preferred settings for any kind of content.

      Incredible sound with SonicMaster Premium

      N Series laptops feature truly incredible audio. SonicMaster Premium, incorporating ICEpower®, Bang & Olufsen technology, provides crystal-clear, full-range sound. The exclusive external subwoofer gives rich, deep bass and distinct vocals. Professional-grade MaxxAudio® Master sound-processing tools allow precise fine-tuning for clearer dialog, dynamic bass and true-to-life surround sound.


      ASUS SonicMaster Premium audio with certification

      Exclusive ASUS SonicMaster audio, incorporating ICEpower®, Bang & Olufsen technology, uses optimized hardware and software to generate cinematic surround-sound realism on a laptop. The discrete onboard audio amplifier delivers up to 11W output, and N Series also has a dedicated audio power supply to guarantee consistently clear, distortion-free sound.

      External SonicMaster subwoofer for awesome bass

      The patented SonicMaster external subwoofer can reproduce frequencies a full octave lower, and at higher volumes, than other notebooks.
      Bass frequencies are intelligently-routed through the subwoofer for maximum impact, while medium to high-frequencies play via the main speakers, delivering rich audio with clear treble and bass distinction.

      MaxxAudio® Master professional audio-tuning

      MaxxAudio® Master by Waves, recipient of a 2011 Technical GRAMMY Award®, features professional tools including four-way dynamic control, ten-band equalization with multiple filters, psycho-acoustic low-frequency expansion, and multi-dimensional spatial enhancement. This results in truly amazing sound, whether experienced through headphones or a home theater.


      Multi-mode AudioWizard for optimized sound

      With ASUS AudioWizard, you can tailor sound easily according to your preferences and the type of media. One-click controls put you in command of settings for music, movies, games or voice: each genre can have its own profile for consistent results.

      Incredible performance,
      instant response

      Using the latest 4th-generation Intel® Core™ processors, N Series laptops have all the multitasking power you need, and more. Gaming-grade NVIDIA® graphics give you superior graphics, smooth video and immersive gaming. Two-second instant-on means N Series laptops are always ready for action.

      Powerful Intel®
      Core™ processors

      Powered by latest 4th-generation Intel® Core™ up to i7 processors for seamless multitasking, N Series laptops are designed to make your computing more productive, more rewarding, and more fun!

      NVIDIA® graphics

      With up to the latest gaming-grade NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics, N Series gives you outstanding graphics performance and quality, with smoothly-streaming HD video and fast and fluid gameplay.

      resume and 14
      days standby

      N Series has an Instant-on feature that resumes from standby to where you left off in just two seconds. You can leave N Series in standby for up to 14 days without worrying — if the battery charge drops below 5%, your files will be backed up automatically!

      Super speed USB 3.0

      All the USB ports on N Series are USB 3.0 ports, which can transfer files up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0. Even multi-gigabyte files only take an instant — and a 50GB file can be copied in under two minutes! USB 3.0 works with all your existing devices, and with ASUS USB Charger+, mobile gadgets are charged much faster.

      Intuitive and
      ergonomic control

      This latest N Series laptop has a multi-touch touchpad with ASUS Smart Gesture technology for intuitive navigation and control. The comfortable, ergonomic keyboard is illuminated to ensure you can always see what you are typing, in any lighting conditions.

      Multi-touch touchpad with Smart Gestures

      Enhanced with ASUS Smart Gestures technology, the large multi-touch touchpad allows accurate, intuitive input. Most Windows touch gestures can be replicated on the touchpad, and the palm-rejection technology ensures a smooth, responsive operation.

      One-piece illuminated keyboard

      The sturdy, ergonomic one-piece chiclet keyboard gives you a rock-solid typing experience with carefully-optimized key travel. The variable backlighting allows comfortable and accurate typing under any lighting conditions, and also looks great!

      Harness the full power of the cloud

      ASUS cloud services, included with N Series laptops, provide a complete platform for online living and working, accessible anywhere from PCs, tablets and smartphones.

      ASUS WebStorage

      With ASUS WebStorage, your personal stuff is always with you on any internet-connected device. Your files are synchronized between all your devices, so you always have instant access to the latest versions. Sharing files is simple, too, whether via email, instant messaging or your favorite social network.

      MyBitCast app

      With MyBitCast you can upload all your great ideas and notes to the cloud — instantly! Whether it's a memo, voice recording or photo, the simple and intuitive design lets you access them easily from anywhere, on any device.