SBC-06D1S-U Blue

    SBC-06D1S-U Blue

    Outstanding Performance & Stylish Lattice Design

    • Extreme 6X Blu-ray reading speed
    • Drag-and-Burn: three simple steps to burn
    • Disc Encryption doubles the security with password-controlled and hidden-file functionality
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      SBC-06D1S-U Blue Is a 6X External Blu-ray Combo which also provides additional benefits for users as Disc Encryption & EASY burning solution. Moreover, With USB 2.0 & Stylish ID Design, it increases mobility and empower users to enjoy high definition videos anytime and anywhere.

      Diamond-cut Design

      Design with a diamond cut and a glossy sheen.

      Disc Encryption

      Security is paramount, regardless if you're a high-flying businessman, student or home-maker. Sensitive information needs to be protected and that is where Disc Encryption comes in. It allows you to protect an entire disc or partial of its contents with a password and also allows users to hide the names of the files within to further protect their data with ease and flexibility.

      Double Security with Disc Encryption:
      • Secured Content Access
      • Enhanced Copy Protection
      • Comprehensive Data Control

      Drag and Burn

      Drag and Burn Burning Dice offer a hassle-free approach to copying discs and burning files via the PC desktop. You just need to drop files into the interface then click "Burn". Only takes 3 steps to create a new disc.

      Easy 3 steps to complete disc burning:
      • Intuitive burning interface
      • Burn a disk in 3 simple steps
      • Simplified burning process