DC-DC Power Card with maximum output of 120W, OVP15.5V, OCP20A designed with Lockable DC-in Jack, DC-mode Power Cable, Low-profile bracket
  • 12V DC-in convert to 24+4 pin ATX power out, supports up to 12V/10A
  • Overvoltage Input Protection: 15.5V
  • Overcurrent Output Protection: 20A
  • Wide temperature range endurance: 0–60°C
  • Lockable DC-in Jack and Compatible with ASUSIoT Mini ITX-motherboards
EMA-DCB-A front view

ASUSIoT EMA-DCB-A is a DC-to-DC power card with lockable DC-in jack for ASUSIoT Mini-ITX Motherboards.

It offers the dual DC connectors with the 12V DC-in and 24+4 pin ATX power output, which support up to 120W. Plus, the overvoltage input protection is 15.5V and the overcurrent output protection reaches 20A. The compatible-size design increases the feasibility of installation and the lockable DC-in jack ensures the shock-resistant connection.

As the world’s No.1 motherboard brand, ASUS offers industrial motherboards with durable, industrial-grade components for reliable 24/7 operation in harsh environments and use in different vertical markets. ASUS provides a faster time-to-market with customization and motherboard modulation by leveraging over 30 years of design and innovation expertise, world-class after sales service, material supply flexibility, the ability to respond rapidly to forecast changes and long-term technical support, enabling customers to find the perfect solution to match their requirements.

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