AX3000 Dual Band WiFi 6 (802.11ax) Travel Router, support 4G & 5G mobile tethering & public WiFi (WISP) mode, subscription-free network security, comprehensive VPN features, easy setup, AiMesh support, guest portal, wall mount
  • Tri-mode connectivity for travel, work and home with 4G/5G mobile tethering, a private hotspot over public WiFi (WISP mode), and router mode.
  • Ultrafast WiFi 6 with 160 MHz channel significantly increases network capacity to support up to 70 devices, with speeds of up to 3,000 Mbps.
  • Comprehensive VPN features with one-touch activation, supporting multiple protocols, up to 30 service providers, and site-to-site VPN.
  • Subscription-free network security with commercial-grade AiProtection Classic powered by Trend Micro™, plus a one-tap security scan and Safe Browsing.
  • 3-step easy setup and hassle-free management via the highly rated ASUS Router mobile app.
  • AiMesh extendable router enables whole home seamless roaming with rich, advanced features.
  • Easy and customizable guest portal for small businesses.
RT-AX57 Go
RT-AX57 Go, front view, tilted 45 degrees

Connect Safely
Wherever You Go

Stay connected on-the-road with the RT-AX57 Go’s versatile connectivity options, and enjoy secure WiFi and convenient VPN wherever your journey takes you!

RT-AX57 Go angled towards the left, with a slight backward tilt.
A young traveler seated outdoors on a rock, using a laptop with the RT-AX57 Go by side, against a backdrop of numerous hot air balloons dotting the blue sky.

The Best Router, Now with Tri-Mode Connectivity

The PC Magazine award-winning ASUS router now offers tri-mode connectivity for travel, work, and home in the RT-AX57 Go. Each mode is capable of serving as a primary or backup Internet connection for a seamless online experience!

  • Mobile Tethering

  • Public WiFi Mode
    (WISP Mode)

  • Router Mode

Always-On Internet on the Road

Establish on-the-go WiFi by connecting the USB WAN port to your smartphone’s hotspot. No complicated setup is needed — just plug in and go!

A man using laptop on a moving train, with a RT-AX57 Go on the table and the changing scenery visible through the window.

Stay Secure on Public WiFi

Surf safely on public WiFi by creating a private hotspot with enhanced security for your devices.

A businessman sits on a bench in the terminal hall, working on his laptop with a suitcase by his side, as a flight passes by in the sky overhead.

Feature-Packed for Apartment Living

Ensure a stable Internet connection at home or while connecting to a hotel’s wired network.

A smiling young couple sits on the sofa at home, using laptop and smartphone together.

Always Secure Everywhere

Enjoy peace of mind whether on the go or at home with the RT-AX57 Go's robust and subscription-free network security.

Learn more about ASUS network security
  • Commercial-grade Protection

    The RT-AX57 Go features AiProtection Classic powered by Trend Micro™, with automatically updated protection from internet threats for all your connected devices and personal data.

  • One-Tap Security Scan

    Check your router’s security level with just one click. If a vulnerability is detected, a security summary will diagnose the issue and recommend a fix.

    User interface of ASUS AiProtection security scan
  • Safe Browsing

    Customize protection for individual users or a group of devices with safety filters to secure your online activities. ASUS Safe Browsing* helps block malicious content, advertisements and even explicit content from search engine results, offering added online protection for your kids.

    *By using Safe Browsing, you acknowledge and agree that the standard for blocked and filtered content is established by a third-party DNS provider.

    A smartphone with enlarged view of the Safe Browsing user interface.
  • Encrypted Online Privacy with DNS over TLS

    DNS over TLS (DoT) brings enhanced privacy and security to your online world by encrypting your DNS (Domain Name System) traffic. The TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol protects your digital footprint and keeps your online activities safe from eavesdropping and unwanted data interception by advertisers, ISPs, and any potential surveillance.

    Learn more about DNS over TLS
  • Centralized Control in One App

    Manage all security features effortlessly using the highly rated ASUS Router mobile app, even when you are away. The setup and management of your router are also hassle-free.

    Learn more about ASUS Router App
    ASUS Router App icon

    Download ASUS Router App

    A man is seated on the ground using his smartphone, which displays the ASUS Router app setup interface.

Comprehensive VPN Features

The RT-AX57 Go supports a wide range of the latest popular VPN protocols, including WireGuard® and OpenVPN. With support for more than 30 VPN service providers, such as Surfshark, users have the flexibility to select the optimal service tailored to their specific needs. When using public WiFi, the ASUS Instant Guard mobile app also gives you a one-click sharable secure VPN.*

*The router must have a public IPv4 WAN IP address to use ASUS Instant Guard.

Learn more about ASUS Instant Guard
A businessman with the RT-AX57 Go router and suitcase by his side, sits in the airport using laptop, waiting for his flight.

30+ VPN service providers

VPN icon
  • WireGuard®
    (via Ethernet)

    up to 300 Mbps

  • OpenVPN
    (via Ethernet)

    up to 150 Mbps

*Tests were conducted on a local network, and the DUT (Device Under Test) was set in VPN client mode. Actual throughput may vary depending on your network conditions.

Easy Customization

Guest Portal

A guest login page tailored for small businesses, with easy settings for branding visuals and targeted redirects to engage with customers in different ways*.

*To use the Guest Portal feature on the mobile app, please update to the latest ASUS Router app and firmware version.

A young female customer sits at a coffee shop using smartphone, while the shop owner is busying at the counter in the background.
The guest portal feature interface with a variety of visual templates for selection.
The guest portal feature interface of a custom branding login page.

One-Touch Function Switch

Activate your customized settings such as VPN, WiFi, and LED lights.

A close-up of the RT-AX57 Go’s side, with a hand icon demonstrating the one-touch function switch.

Fit in Any Scenario and Space

The RT-AX57 Go features a compact design, making it flexible enough to fit in any space. It's also easy to combine multiple AiMesh-compatible routers to extend your WiFi coverage and meet your network needs.

Learn more about AiMesh
  • One RT-AX57 Go router spreads WiFi signal, covering throughout a small apartment house plan.

    Small Apartment

  • One RT-AX58 router, paired with an RT-AX57 Go router using AiMesh technology, extends WiFi coverage to accommodate a larger space.

    Larger Space

  • Wall mount in
    confined spaces.

    RT-AX57 Go is wall-mounted on a clean wall behind a cabinet.
  • Included stand for easy desktop placement.

    RT-AX57 Go is placed on a side cabinet using the included stand in the study of a home setting.
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