ASUS 2022 Sustainability Report Details Significant Progress Towards a More Incredible, Sustainable Future

Sustainability Report_2022

TAIPEI, Taiwan, August 10, 2023 — ASUS today announced the release of its 2022 Sustainability Report, which showcases significant progress in various sustainability focus areas and offers an in-depth look at the company’s strategies and innovation efforts towards a more incredible, sustainable future.

Underscoring the ASUS commitment to environmental stewardship and social impact, the report illustrates the practical actions carried out by the company to reduce supply chain carbon emissions, improve product energy efficiency, promote eco-friendly products, protect labor rights, and make charitable contributions to society. Additionally, the report highlights the achievements made by ASUS across four key sustainability areas: climate action, circular economy, responsible manufacturing, and value creation.

Embracing its commitment to full transparency and accountability, ASUS reported its actions based on the core elements of the sustainability disclosure standards published by the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB). Additionally, the company’s sustainability work has been validated for the third consecutive year by the Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards.

Significant strides in sustainability focus-areas

ASUS has set science-based targets (SBT) to reduce carbon emissions and has executed a three-staged approach for climate action, focusing on enhancing energy efficiency, expanding the use of renewable energy, and investing in innovative technologies to lead the value chain to net zero. In line with these goals, the average energy efficiency of ASUS consumer and commercial laptops exceeded ENERGY STAR® standards by 34% in 2022. ASUS also assisted supplier partners to successfully reduce their greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) intensity by 24% in 2022, compared to the base year of 2020, further accelerating its transformation to net zero.

The report also outlines how ASUS augmented its environmental commitments by launching a low-carbon product innovation process, which successfully facilitated the development of the ASUS ExpertBook B9 — the world’s first carbon footprint-verified and carbon neutral-verified business laptop. The innovation process focuses on conducting product carbon footprint verification, developing carbon reduction strategies, and achieving carbon neutrality through the use of nature-based carbon credits that are verified by a third party.

ASUS is also driving the shift towards a circular economy. In 2022, eco-friendly products accounted for 87% of total product revenue, underlining the company’s emphasis on minimizing its environmental impact and reducing product carbon footprint. From adopting environmentally friendly materials and reducing packaging to elevating product energy efficiency and incorporating recyclable design, ASUS targets sustainability across every phase of the product life cycle.

Other sustainability progress highlighted in the report includes enhancing supply chain management through digital platforms and fostering collaborative educational initiatives to drive responsible manufacturing and value creation, respectively. Full details of each sustainability case can be found in the ASUS 2022 Sustainability Report (

Committed to accountability and transparency

In its 2022 Sustainability Report, ASUS voluntarily referred to the Sustainability Disclosure Standards (IFRS S1/S2) issued by the ISSB and communicated the company’s sustainability focus areas based on the IFRS’s core elements: Governance, Strategy, Risk Management, and Metrics and Targets. These sustainability reporting standards foster greater corporate transparency and allow businesses and investors to more clearly understand the impact of the work ASUS is doing.

Further highlighting the company’s goal of full accountability and transparency, ASUS also announced it will publish two more reports to address the company’s climate risk management and environmental impact management. This includes a report compiled in accordance with the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and an Environmental Profit and Loss (EP&L) report.

International validation

ASUS has received repeated validation for the sustainability actions it has taken. For the third consecutive year, the company has won multiple Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards. The 2023 awards cover three categories: the Golden Award for Best Materiality Reporting, the Bronze Award for Best Stakeholder Reporting, and the Bronze Award for Asia’s Best Supply Chain Reporting. ASUS was also recently listed in the 2023 Corporate Knights CLEAN200 Index. Additionally, it has been recognized by the Financial Times as part of the prestigious Climate Leaders Asia-Pacific 2023, which acknowledged the company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental leadership for the second year in a row.

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