ASUS Announces TUF Gaming LC II 360 ARGB AIO Liquid Cooler

TUF Gaming LC II 360 ARGB AIO Liquid Cooler

TAIPEI, Taiwan, August 3, 2023 — ASUS today announced the TUF Gaming LC II 360 ARGB AIO liquid cooler, armed with a beefy 360 mm radiator and offering dazzling Gen 2 ARGB lighting and compatibility with a wide variety of chassis and CPU sockets.

The TUF Gaming LC II ARGB series delivers the performance and features users need to bring out the best in any mainstream gaming build. Coolant flows through an illuminated coldplate to reinforced sleeved tubing that arrives at a high-capacity radiator chilled by three 120 mm ARGB fans – which have grooved fins for optimal airflow and reduced noise. Meanwhile, Aura Sync ARGB elements illuminating the radiator fans and the TUF Gaming logo on the pump cover ensure unmatched style.

The TUF Gaming LC II 360 ARGB also features a new cooling design where the pump head and motor are separated for less noise and vibration, while a new place-and-twist retention mechanism makes installation a snap by eliminating the need for tools. As a nod to premium durability, each cooler comes with a class-leading six-year ASUS warranty.

Put on a lightshow

Liquid cooling radiators can play a large role in setting the aesthetic tone of a build, especially if they are mounted vertically in a dual-chamber chassis like the TUF Gaming GT502. The TUF Gaming LC II 360 ARGB AIO liquid cooler embraces its role on the main stage with a new industrial design crafted to perfectly complement a user’s TUF gaming motherboard, graphics card or chassis.

In this generation, ASUS has upgraded the radiator fans with brighter Gen 2 ARGB lighting, too. These eye-catching RGB LEDs will put a spotlight on a user’s carefully constructed build. ASUS Aura Sync makes it easy to synchronize lighting with the rest of a build’s components and peripherals for a cohesive look.

Upgraded cooling power

As the first TUF Gaming AIO liquid cooler with a massive 360 mm radiator, the TUF Gaming LC II 360 ARGB takes the series to new levels of thermal performance. But there's more: to improve airflow and reduce noise, the radiator features grooved fins that direct cooling air with precision. A trio of 120 mm ARGB fans provide an excellent balance of airflow, static pressure and quiet operation. These fans can move a substantial quantity of cooling air through the radiator for effortless cooling, all while keeping noise levels below 29 dB.

Ready for action

Wide compatibility with several generations of CPU sockets makes the TUF Gaming LC II 360 ARGB AIO liquid cooler an easy fit for just about any PC build. Devotees of AMD processors will find that this unit fits socket AM4 and AM5 motherboards, empowering them to build either a next-gen AMD Ryzen™ 7000 Series PC or a budget-friendly AM4 machine. On the Intel side, this AIO liquid cooler supports LGA 1700, 1200 and 115x sockets, enabling compatibility with everything from the latest 13th Gen Intel® Core™ chips to favorite CPUs from years past.

Chassis compatibility matters, too. Today's larger PC cases offer versatile options for mounting a 360 mm liquid cooling radiator. To ensure that users can take advantage of these options, ASUS has increased the length of the sleeved tubing to 400 mm.



Water Block

Dimensions: 73 x 73 x 45 mm

Material (CPU plate): Copper


Dimensions: 397 x 120 x 27 mm

Material: Aluminum

Tube: Sleeved rubber

Tube length: 400 mm


TUF Gaming Model 12 ARGB

Size: 3 x Fan slots (120 mm)

Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm

Speed: 800 - 2000 rpm (+/- 10%)

Static pressure: 3.0 mm H2O

Airflow: 67 CFM / 113.8 m3h

Noise: 29 dB(A)

Control mode: PWM/DC

Special Features

AURA Sync support


Intel®: LGA 1700, 1200, 115x


Package Contents

1 x CPU liquid cooler

3 x 120 mm ARGB radiator fans

1 x 1-to-3 fan splitter cable

1 x 1-to-4 ARGB splitter cable

1 x Accessory pack of screws and brackets

1 x Quick Start guide

1 x TUF Gaming sticker


6 years

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