ASUS IoT Launches MDS-M700


TAIPEI, Taiwan, March 11, 2024 —ASUS IoT, a global leader in AIoT solutions, today announced the release of MDS-M700 — an all-new medical box PC expertly engineered to deliver exemplary performance and service in diverse healthcare settings.
As display and video capture technologies advance to ultra-high definition (UHD) resolutions, MDS-M700 is at the forefront, boasting support for 4K UHD imaging that offers unparalleled clarity and precision in visualizing human tissue, vessels and body structures. MDS-M700 meets medical safety industry standards, including CE, FCC, and IEC 60601-1-2 certifications.
With the growing demand for digital operating rooms and intelligent healthcare, MDS-M700 is engineered to be a trustworthy medical box PC. With an ultra-low noise level of 45 dB and a seamless one-piece cover, MDS-M700 helps to maintain a hygienic environment with resistance to alcohol, making it ideal for sterile settings such as surgery centers, operating rooms and training facilities. Powered by Intel® Core™ (13th gen) processors, and optional NVIDIA® RTX™ A5000/A4000 GPU cards, MDS-M700 delivers exceptional computing performance while operating quietly across a spectrum of applications.

Versatile applications with enhanced imaging

ASUS IoT MDS-M700 excels in medical AI applications, leveraging the power of NVIDIA graphics cards to capture 4K video data and perform real-time AI-assisted analysis and includes three Ethernet sockets for diverse data-transmission pathways.
Its compact design makes it ideal for integrating into limited medical equipment spaces, and the availability of 12th/13th/14th generation Intel CPU BIOS updates ensure long-term viability. Overall, ASUS IoT MDS-M700 is ideal for mobile DR, ultrasound, CT, MRI, and X-ray machines; and is able to facilitate seamless data management, device interconnectivity, and image processing.
To achieve the level of visual accuracy and precision demanded by medical applications, MDS-M700 provides an optional capture card for recording 4K UHD videos, streamlining the monitoring and reviewing of surgical procedures to enhance safety and efficiency.

ASUS IoT is the trusted future of healthcare

Recognizing the importance of uninterrupted medical operations, ASUS IoT offers fast-response services to global clients, ensuring prompt resolution of technical issues and inquiries. ASUS IoT is committed to meeting the high standards of medical customers, striving to be their trusted partner in healthcare technology. ASUS IoT will also showcase the future of healthcare technology at HIMSS24, the annual healthcare conference organized by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. Visit esteemed ASUS-partner Transcend Information Inc’s booth (#1782) , to experience MDS-M700 in action.