TWS Receives NT$130 Million Investment to Build AIHPC Ecosystem


TAIPEI, Taiwan, November 18, 2022 — ASUS today announced the receipt of an NT$130 million investment in Taiwan Web Service Corporation (TWS) from Taiwan Mobile Co. Ltd., Mega International Commercial Bank, and SinoPac Securities Venture Capital Corporation. This follows the NT$540 million ASUS invested in March 2022 in order to continue its expansion in AI fields such as smart manufacturing, smart healthcare, and smart cities.

The main project of TWS is the running of Taiwan Computing Cloud (TWCC) ( for industry customers. TWCC is a major AI infrastructure program built in 2018 by the National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC), ASUS, and other partners. This is the only large public Artificial Intelligence and High-Performance Computing (AIHPC) and cloud platform in Taiwan. It is dedicated to the research and development of high-performance computing and large-scale databases, encompassing engineering and science, environment and disaster prevention, biomedicine, and digital cultural content creation. The NCHC also promotes the robust application of AI technology in Taiwanese industries.

Since its establishment, TWS has served more than 200 startup teams and industrial customers, assisting the digital transformation of industries with one-stop services.

Peter Wu, CEO of ASUS Cloud Corporation and TWS, explained the importance of this investment: “As a local public cloud operator, TWS brings together the dream team of three major shareholders in IT, telecommunications, and finance. It is even more powerful in the development of AI, 5G, and blockchain, and supports TWS in promoting cloud, big data, Internet of Things, innovations in blockchain, 5G, digital resilience, and AI integration.”

Taiwan Mobile, a leading telecommunications company, will cooperate closely with TWS on AI and 5G technologies and services, and will jointly promote AIHPC supercomputer cloud services, cloud network integration solutions, and co-creation labs.

Additionally, in order to help achieve the goal of TWS becoming the most complete AIHPC ecosystem in Taiwan, Mega International Commercial Bank and SinoPac Securities Venture Capital Corporation will use their financial resources to help create the best conditions for financial industry startups. These startups will focus on high growth areas in technology and application development.

Defense-in-depth information security strategies to come soon

In the near future, TWS, through national-level high-security infrastructure construction, will help to build defense-in-depth information security strategies for various institutions and improve sustainable operations capabilities. This will include the launch of a range of blockchain and digital resilience services, including a blockchain service platform (TWCC BaaS Platform) and data trust service (T-Proof Notary Service) for Web 3, NFTs (Non-fungible tokens), the Metaverse, and other applications. It will also provide low cost, efficient, simple, and convenient security compliance for technical services.