ASUS Announces Extension and Enhancement of Creative Trial Program with Adobe to August 2024


TAIPEI, Taiwan, October 25, 2023 —ASUS today announced that they are thrilled to renew their innovative trial program with Adobe, extending the collaboration that began in September 2021 through August 2024. The program, available to customers purchasing eligible ASUS products, offers a free trial of Adobe products for one or three months, empowering both professional and recreational creatives with cutting-edge tools.

“ASUS continues to be at the forefront of empowering creators, and this extension of our collaboration with Adobe is a testament to our commitment,” said JenYC Chuang, ASUS Senior Director of Creative (Strategic) Partnerships. “From animation to photography, the extended trial program brings the future of creativity to our customers' fingertips.”

“We are delighted to join forces with ASUS to elevate the creative potential for users around the world,” added François Cottin, 3D&I Senior Director, Marketing at Adobe. “The inclusion of tools like Adobe Substance 3D and of Firefly-powered generative AI capabilities natively integrated into Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe Express within Adobe Creative Cloud promises to revolutionize the creative process.”

This extended collaboration underscores the shared vision of ASUS and Adobe to foster innovation and creativity through technology. By offering these trials, ASUS and Adobe aim to make premium creative tools more accessible, fostering a community of inspired creators.


  • Adobe Creative Cloud: Adobe Creative Cloud encompasses a variety of creative applications including Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and more. Enhanced with generative AI features, it caters to diverse creative needs such as photo editing, graphic design, and illustration. The suite serves professionals and hobbyists alike, providing cutting-edge tools to realize creative visions.

  • Adobe Substance 3D: A comprehensive toolkit designed for creating, texturing, and rendering 3D assets. It includes applications such as Painter, Sampler, Designer, Modeler, Stager, and Substance 3D Assets, offering an integrated workflow for 3D design. Widely used in industries like game development and film VFX, Substance 3D enables artists and designers to craft realistic 3D objects and environments efficiently.

  • Adobe Acrobat: A robust tool that goes beyond PDF reading. It allows users to create, edit, and convert PDF documents with ease. Users can also encrypt and digitally sign documents, enhancing security and authenticity. Collaboration features like markup tools to highlight, annotate and comment on PDFs, capabilities for collecting feedback, along with the ability to store PDFs in the cloud, make Acrobat a versatile solution for both individual and professional needs.

  • ASUS ProArt Creator Hub Integration: the integration with Adobe provides several benefits for creative professionals, such as increased productivity, enhanced precision, improved ergonomics, and a customizable workflow. ASUS Dial allows users to quickly and easily access and adjust frequently used settings, while the ASUS Control Panel provides a centralized location to manage all ASUS ProArt settings.

  • Redemption Opportunities: Every user purchasing eligible ASUS products can redeem one-month or three-month trials twice, providing extended access to these state-of-the-art tools. With listed prices of US$132.48 and US$397.44 respectively, users can save up to US$1,059.84.