ASUS Metaverse Enters Web 3.0 With Launch of Art Black hole NFT Platform


TAIPEI, Taiwan, October 19, 2022 — ASUS today announced its first move into Web 3.0 with the launch of Art Black hole, a new NFT platform created by its wholly-owned subsidiary, ASUS Metaverse Inc. ASUS Metaverse seeks to empower content creators, and create a trustworthy and deeper experience for all NFT users. Powered by the technological expertise of ASUS, especially in cloud computing, AI, and the blockchain, ASUS Metaverse aims to create an all-encompassing metaverse experience.

Joe Hsieh, ASUS Chief Operating Officer, explained why the company has chosen to enter the metaverse: “ASUS is particularly attentive to the development of new technologies and industries, especially the potential of Web 3.0. So, we have established a new company to declare our determination to operate in the metaverse for the long term. The first step is to build out an NFT platform and invite content creators from various fields to become our new partners.”

A unique NFT metaverse experience for art, fashion, gaming, and much more

Art Black hole is designed to help NFT creators with the continuous promotion of their work and to better connect them with — and grow — their audiences. It also helps collectors easily purchase authentic, highly collectible artwork. Entering the metaverse will be quick and easy for both creators and collectors.

Art Black hole is currently open for applications from content creators to share their work on the platform. Once the artwork is accepted, the ASUS Metaverse team takes care of listing it on the site. In addition, the team provides advice, planning, and promotion services to the content creators.

NFT authentication and special privileges

Unlike some other NFT platforms, Art Black hole ensures that only genuine, high-quality, limited-edition artwork is sold. All artwork has been authenticated by art experts and the ASUS Metaverse team. These experts also provide reviews so that users can gain a deeper understanding of the value of the art and feel confident in the importance and significance of the works they purchase.

Another unique part of Art Black hole is that the NFTs collectors buy on the platform are not just digital images, they also confer special privileges to the owner. For example, by giving them the chance to interact with artists in private exhibition tours or painting courses. The NFT holder will also have priority access to future ASUS Metaverse events. These privileges are a unique selling point for content creators that many other types of NFTs do not provide, and will allow them to build a closer relationship with their fans.

Purchase NFTs with a credit card, simply and easily

NFT purchases are safe and convenient since they rely on fiat currency, no cryptocurrency is required. All that is needed is a credit card. Therefore, no knowledge of cryptocurrency or the blockchain is necessary, making it easy for everyone to purchase an NFT. Also, because they are priced in US dollars, the value of the NFTs won’t be affected by changes in the cryptocurrency markets.

Additionally, the platform has undergone strict security tests by the ASUS group to protect it from malicious attacks, and smart contracts are audited by a third party to improve contract security.

Content creators wishing to join the ASUS Metaverse NFT platform should send an email to