ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces Wingwall Graphics Card Holder

ROG Wingwall Graphics Card Holder

TAIPEI, Taiwan, December 3, 2021 — ASUS today announced the ROG Wingwall graphics card holder, a specially designed bracket that helps support the weight of the large graphics cards commonly found in gaming PCs. This customizable, easy-to-mount system enhancement joins pre-existing ASUS and ROG graphics card reinforcements — such as integral stiffening frames and full-length backplates — to help DIY builders keep their cards from sagging due to size.

The ROG Wingwall graphics card holder leverages the unused PCI Express® expansion slot brackets in a PC case for installation. Its three mounting holes use a slot’s existing thumbscrews or other mounting hardware to distribute card weight to the holder’s ultra-tough aluminum frame, and help keep the card horizontal. This adaptable and adjustable support platform can slide horizontally and extend vertically to ensure the perfect point of support for graphics cards of almost any shape.

ROG Wingwall is also enhanced by an Aura Sync-capable RGB LED array that casts coordinated lighting and 3D effects through two easily swappable acrylic plates, blending function and form. The pre-installed plate displays a ROG logo pattern, while the second acts as a canvas for users to make their own designs with bundled decals.


ASUS ROG Wingwall Graphics Card Holder


- Supports all ATX size chassis

- GPU length above 18 cm & height under 6.5 cm

Loading Capacity

15 kg

RGB Connector

Aura Sync (3 pin Addressable RGB Lighting)


Holder: 330 x 63 x 11 mm

Color box: 380 x 150 x 60 mm


Single Holder: 0.248 kg

Product weight (with packaging): 0.612 kg