ASUS Announces Winners of the ASUS ProArtist Awards 2023


TAIPEI, Taiwan, August 15, 2023 — ASUS today announced the winners and runners-up of the ASUS ProArtist Awards 2023 via a virtual awards ceremony, with diverse creators from around the world being lauded for their amazing creations.

In its efforts to show its support to the global creator community, ASUS’s search for incredible ideas and experiences has culminated in this annual award ceremony, which was initiated in 2022 and has now established itself as a premier free-to-enter global competition. The competition is a global platform for creators to unleash and show off their creativity.

Announcing the winners at the online ceremony, Mitch Yang, ASUS Chief Design Officer, said "Concluding the ProArtist Awards, we are truly impressed by the astounding submissions that have illuminated our journey. Let these remarkable designs serve as a testament to the endless horizons of creativity and innovation. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all participants for sharing their exceptional creativity and being a part of this inspiring experience. Congratulations!"

This year’s competition, themed Seeing an Incredible Future, aimed to encourage creators to share creativity that reflects our environmental hopes and aspirations. We received thousands of entries from over 100 countries, each sharing their personal thoughts and stories with the world. There were four categories this year—Photography, Graphic Design, Film, and Animation. As well as the coveted ASUS ProArtist Awards trophies and certificates, up to US$100,000 in prize money was up for grabs, and each category winner and runner-up receives US$10,000 and US$5,000 respectively, along with ASUS creator hardware and opportunities for global online exposure via the web and social media channels. Plus, Pantone® Special Award winners will also receive ASUS creator hardware, a Pantone and Calibrite® product bundle, Pantone Formula and SkinTone Guides, a Pantone Connect 1-year subscription, a Calibrite color-calibration solution, and more. All submissions were closely evaluated by a diverse jury panel including world-famous content creators with millions of YouTube followers, industry professionals, Pantone representatives and ASUS experts.


Winner: Dolphins In The Sea by Hoàn Thai from Vietnam

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Hoàn Thai explained the concept behind this striking image: "Fishing nets in the waters of Phu Yen, Vietnam at the time of collection, create a very interesting dolphin shape in the sea when the fisherman's small basket boat in red moves into the right position."

Judge Ruben Wu, Visual Artist and Photographer describes the scene: "The delicate wisps of the fishing net hang beautifully beneath the surface of the water like a giant sea creature."

Runner-Up: Take Me With You by Craig Boliver from the USA

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"This specific shot feels really great to showcase of the NASA Crew4 launch over Indialantic Beach (Melbourne, Florida). The composition had been sitting in my head for quite a while, but I had been waiting for everything to line up correctly," explained Craig.

Jord Hammond on the judging panel, who specializes in the use of color and light to bring a fresh new perspective to the world of travel photography, was impressed by Craig's expertise: "The creative approach to this theme is evident in the unique perspective and subject presented. Not only this, but given the difficult conditions this scene was photographed in, the creator has clearly displayed top-tier post-processing in order to bring this piece together."


Winner: Viva Butterfly by Mike Luard from the UK

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"Since the 1970s there has been an 80% decline in butterfly numbers in the UK. In 2050 and with the recent advance in micromachinery, the fabrication of pollenating insects is now possible. Seen in this illustration, the delicate micro-butterfly inspects an intriguing magenta flower," said Mike.

"There is both a grandiosity and a subtlety in this piece that I adore — stunning colors and sharp 3D rendering on the butterfly that complements a complex and far-distant future, and yet the environment's shading and colors are soft and natural, bringing us into a microscopic world of wonder," commented Jazza, YouTube star, television presenter and an internationally published author.

Runner-Up: Seeing the Future through Art by Apri Sun from Denmark

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Explaining the composition, Apri Sun said "Art lets us see the path to an incredible future, unveiling infinite possibilities. Art invites us to gaze into the horizon of what could be, igniting our imaginations and empowering us to shape a future that is truly extraordinary."

Mitch Yang, ASUS Chief Design Officer, said that the creation was a "Painting within a painting, depicting the longing for harmony and symbiotic scenes. The layers of the visuals outline the imagination of both the present and the future."


Winner: Man, Machine And Nature by Ilya Sigachev from Turkey

"This video is about a young inventor who has been working for a long time on solving a global problem and finally finds a solution. By chance, he makes an unexpected discovery that promises an incredible future!," said Ilya about his film.

Judges Jacob & Katie Schwarz, film and commercial directors and 8K video creators, enjoyed this, saying "A very well executed piece. Good production design. Timing / tempo was spot on with a well-told story in a short timeframe. Visuals looked great. Gives a good feeling of motivation to make changes."

Runner-Up: Like the Birds by Breech Asher Harani from the Philippines

Explaining the inspiration for the film, Breech said "This is inspired by a classic Bisaya expression 'Learn from the Birds!', indicating how birds can teach us a thing or two about the beauty and complexities of the world."

"I love the concept and thought behind this film, and really left with a lovely message. It is poignant and so relevant to the topic. The animation was a nice surprise," said judge Abbi Jacobson, a writer, director, producer, actor, and Annie Award winner.


Winner: Planting The Future by Asraf Mazlan from Malaysia

"Robots nurture a seed into a vibrant flower, showcasing the harmonious alliance of technology and nature. These caring machines protect plants instinctively, safeguarding humanity's future by preserving the environment," explained Asraf.

Clinton Jones, a 3D/VFX artist who makes 3D art fun, was wild about this entry, saying "This is incredible! Love the color, render quality, and your animation quality is up there. It's hard to do (especially horses) - well shot with great cast, costumes, and set. Very fun and engaging."

Runner-Up: Window To Tomorrow by Sam Ball from the UK

Sam explains his concept: "The animation depicts darker opening colors, before transitioning into a vision of a vibrant future that prioritizes restoring the natural beauty of our world. Sustainability will be an important part of our future, and here is my interpretation of that through our 'window to the soul'".

Judge Jen Chuang, ASUS Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships complimented the work, saying "Good storyline and tempo until the end."


To celebrate ASUS have collaborated with Pantone to incorporate the Pantone API into the ASUS ProArt Creator Hub software, so it now offers a best-in-class color experience for our creators to gain direct access to Pantone’s extensive PANTONE Libraries, color harmonies and color space information.

This year we added a Pantone Special Award into the awards, in order to encourage creators to unleash their color creativity and use colors to tell a great story about the theme. Here are the winners:

Pantone Special Award for Photography

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At the Enchanted Forest by Catherine Regnier from France

Pantone Special Award for Graphic Design

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YEAR : 181750 — LOCATION : MOON by Tzeryh Verdadero from the Philippines

Pantone Special Award for Film

Infinite Space by Amanda Gagnon from the USA

Pantone Special Award for Animation

Planting The Future by Asraf Mazlan from Malaysia