ASUS Expands Data Center and Liquid Cooling Server Solutions With 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors


TAIPEI, Taiwan, January 11, 2022 — ASUS, a leading provider of server systems, server motherboards and workstations, today announced new best-in-class server solutions powered by the latest 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, formerly codenamed Sapphire Rapids, as well as support for the Intel Xeon Max CPU series that are designed for improving performance on memory-bandwidth-sensitive applications.

ASUS servers continue to deliver leadership performance with support for up to 512 GB of DDR5 memory with up to 2X the performance and capability, plus PCI Express® (PCIe®) 5.0 — doubling I/O bandwidth. The new servers support a range of modern workloads, including artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, high-performance computing (HPC), graphic-intensive applications, machine learning, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and virtualization.

The flagship 2U4N ASUS RS720Q-E11-RS8U high-density server offers different cooling solutions for data centers. Being cooled via direct-to-chip (D2C) technology, it stands out from the competition to deliver over 92%-lower fan power consumption and noise levels that are 29.6% lower. In addition, this server is engineered with an Extended Volume Air Cooling (EVAC) heatsink to bring performance on supporting dual 270 W 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors per node. It also supports single-phase immersion cooling for improved data-center power-usage effectiveness (PUE). All servers are available with ASUS Thermal Radar 2.0 and Power Balancer technologies for even-greater power efficiency.

ASUS has been working with industry-leading cooling partners, including Submer, Delta, MGC and Kaori, to deliver comprehensive cooling solutions. Select models are also designed for single-phase immersion cooling, supporting both EIA and OCP tanks with cooling distribution units (CDUs) and dry coolers — minimizing data-center PUE, carbon emissions and energy consumption.

  • RS720-E11, RS700-E11: Models in these series feature scalable computing, storage, networking and redundant components to support maximum performance for data-center flexibility, and are optimized for AI, data analytics, HPC, cloud, and enterprise workloads.

  • RS720Q-E11: ASUS high-performance, density-optimized and energy-efficient 2U4N servers are built to take on the most demanding workloads, delivering powerful computing performance and different cooling solutions to fit diverse applications.

  • ESC8000-E11: GPU server with up to eight PCIe GPUs, optimized for AI, HPC, deep learning and graphics-intensive applications, providing maximum acceleration, high performance, independent airflow-tunnel design and budget-balanced solutions.

  • ESR1-511-X4TF: 1U ultra-low footprint server with front-access design that’s perfect for edge computing and O-RAN CU/DU deployment. With 430 mm depth, ESR1-511-X4TF offers up to two FH3/4L slots for GPU and FPGA cards for edge AI computing. Select models include an integrated Intel vRAN Accelerator ACC100 and Intel E810 time-synchronization module, creating resulting in the market’s most-TCO optimized DU solution. ESR1-511-X4TF also benefits from carrier-grade design and extended operating temperatures.