ASUS Republic of Gamers Joins Forces with Opera for the Opera GX ROG Edition Browser

ASUS Republic of Gamers Joins Forces with Opera for the Opera GX ROG Edition Browser

TAIPEI, Taiwan, August 24, 2023 —ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced a collaboration with Opera for the Opera GX ROG Edition, a browser designed specially for gamers seeking a unique internet experience. Opera GX offers endless customization options with GX Mods, and seamlessly integrates with platforms such as Discord and Twitch. The browser also offers CPU, RAM, and network limiters. The Opera GX ROG Edition boasts game-changing features that include ASUS Aura Sync integration, themed backgrounds, and exclusive content – making it the ideal browser for any ROG gaming setup.

Software and hardware, as one

ROG laptops, desktops, monitors, and other offerings have a cohesive aesthetic right out of the box, and now users can extend that look with the Opera GX ROG Edition browser. It offers ROG wallpapers, background music and sound clips as well as features such as the ROG Electro Punk game.

To further create a consistent theme, Aura Sync integration allows users to create custom light effects and animations that respond in real-time to browser content. Light effects can even be used to alert users to new messages, to signal when a file download is complete, or to indicate when a tab is opened.

The browser will also alert users to ROG events via the convenient Opera GX Corner. One click lets gamers know about upcoming events, learn more about new ROG product launches and innovative gaming hardware, as well as connect with ROG staff and other gamers.

Gaming-changing features

The Opera GX ROG Edition browser includes access to all the tools and features that made the original Opera GX such a compelling pick for gamers. For gamers who want to ensure their browser isn’t draining resources needed for gaming, Opera GX ROG Edition includes CPU, RAM, and network bandwidth limiters. When activated, it makes the browser less resource-hungry, leaving more for gaming. The Hot Tabs Killer feature lets users close the most resource-draining tabs, while the GX Cleaner helps get rid of old unwanted files.

Download Opera GX ROG Edition

The Opera GX ROG Edition1 offers a unique browser experience for ROG fans. It’s packed with features that simplify the gaming experience and offers versatile personalization options, making it perfect for any gaming setup founded on ROG hardware. The Opera GX ROG Edition is available for download here.

1 Please note that some data may be collected by Opera when you download and use the Opera GX ROG Edition browser. The Opera GX ROG Edition browser is provided by Opera Norway AS (“Opera”), a company headquartered in Oslo, Norway. You can find more information about what data is processed by Opera in Opera’s Privacy Statement ( You can also find more information about Opera GX, Opera’s gaming browser, at Opera’s website ( ASUS is not responsible for either the agreement between you and Opera nor the functionality of the Opera GX browser.