Military camo-inspired gaming headset, multi-platform support and enduring comfort

    • Thunderous 50mm neodymium magnet drivers: Precise positioning and immersive game audio
    • Effective 30dB noise isolation: Clearer in-game audio to give you total focus
    • Full size 100mm over-ear cushions for a snug fit: Ideal for marathon gaming sessions
    • Cross-platform flexibility: Compatible with PC, Mac, PlayStation® 4, smartphones and tablets
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      The Echelon series evokes the excitement of first person shooters, and features a military camouflage-inspired livery to match in-game weapons and uniforms. Gaming aside, it's also a great headset for everyday use! Connect Echelon to your desktop, laptop, PlayStation® 4, smartphone or tablet to experience superb sound with brilliant detail and punchy bass no matter what you're listening to.

      Large 50mm neodymium-magnet drivers

      Large 50mm neodymium drivers support better sound positioning within games, so users gain increased awareness of environments, opponent actions and locations. Deep bass lends unmistakable impact to everything from soundtracks to explosions, while the wider range benefits from crystal-clear delivery and extremely low distortion. The frequency response curve has been optimized for gaming output, reinforcing the reproduction of footstep and gunshot sounds to augment spatial awareness, response accuracy and win rates.

      Clear in-game
      Retractable noise-filtering microphone

      Taking community feedback into account, ASUS Echelon Forest uses a retractable and flexible microphone boom for easier angle adjustment and neat storage when not in use. New microphone noise filtering technology boasts more sensitive voice capture capabilities for clearer in-game communications.

      Enjoy PC Gaming & Mobile Fun
      PC and Mac compatible…
      Splitter cable with 3.5mm separate audio/mic connectors

      You can forget compatibility worries with Echelon Forest because it works with almost any device. The 1.2m main connecting cable can be paired with a 1.3m extension with a control box featuring separate headphone and mic jacks for improved compatibility.

      …and even consoles, smartphones and tablets
      Connect to smart devices and PS4

      Echelon Forest is also perfect for smartphones, tablets and PlayStation® 4, thanks to the 3.5mm audio/mic combined connector. Plug into your smart device to keep in touch with family or friends on the road or PlayStation® 4 for gaming. Our research shows 1.2m is the perfect cable length for mobile or PlayStation® 4 joystick use— so no more knots and tangles!

      Clearer in-game audio
      gives you total focus
      Effective 30dB noise isolation

      Noise ranks as one of the leading issues for gamers, often leading to distractions and wrong decisions in the heat of the moment. The Echelon is designed in such a way that the ear cups effectively block out disruptions such as environmental noise and human voices, two of the main noisemakers in gaming events. Even tiny noises can mask crucial sound details, so make sure your gaming gear fully immerses you in gameplay so you can make the right call.

      Ideal for
      Full size 100mm over-ear cushions for a snug fit

      The headband has been lab tested to provide optimized clamping force for a wide range of head sizes. This Echelon Forest provides a great universal fit for unsurpassed comfort even during marathon gaming sessions. Full-coverage 100mm over-ear cushions comfortably cup the ears, and feature a high quality leather treatment to minimize ear fatigue.

      Stylish carry bag included

      Echelon Forest has its own carry bag for durable and lasting protection whether you're travelling or storing the headset when not in use.

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