WL-100g Deluxe

    WL-100g Deluxe

    De WL-100g Deluxe CardBus is voorzien van een tri-modus ontwerp dat gelijktijdige werking van IEEE802.11b, IEEE802.11g en IEEE802.11g High Speed Modus WLAN-standaarden mogelijk maakt. De volledig nieuwe ASUS CardBus gooit daarnaast geavanceerde functies en hulpprogramma's in de strijd voor eenvoudig WLAN-beheer en ultieme netwerkbeveiliging.

      easy wLAN management with tri-mode design

      IEEE 802.11g High Speed Mode

      The WL -100G Deluxe CardBus incorporates a tri-mode design that enable IEEE802.11b, IEEE 802.11g and IEEE 802.11g High Speed Mode WLAN standards to operate simultaneously. The all-new ASUS CardBus throws in advance features and utilities for easy WLAN management and ultimate networking security.

      Fast and easy data transfer
      Fast data transfer at 125Mbps, 54Mbps and 11Mbps through IEEE 802.11g High Speed Mode, IEEE 802.11g and IEEE802.11b, respectively.

      Auto-environment detection
      The system will automatically detect WLAN environments to select 802.11g for faster transfer or 802.11b for compatibility.

      Windows XP NATVIE SUPPORT WLAN function

      Rich add-on features and utilities
      Mobile control center: Integrate all tools and indicate real time status information on system tray
      Wireless setting: Diagnose and configure your wireless network settings with on-line trouble shooting feature
      Mobile manager: Support automatic roaming and network reconfiguration between different locations
      Site survey: Explore your wireless networking topology through a handy way
      Live Update: Download the newest driver and utilities from Internet

      Support the WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) security standard to provide the strongest protection, also support the traditional WEP (64, 128 bit) encryption.