ASUS Announces Support for NVIDIA RTX A2000 GPU and Omniverse Enterprise


August 11, 2021 — ASUS, the leading IT company in servers and workstations that tops the industry in customer value and performance with over 783 benchmark world records, today announced that ASUS all current servers and workstations will support the latest NVIDIA® RTX™ A2000 GPUs, launched by NVIDIA at SIGGRAPH 2021. ASUS also confirmed that it will continue working with NVIDIA to support the NVIDIA Omniverse™ Enterprise platform to provide comprehensive solutions for enterprise and remote collaborative workloads.

“Supporting NVIDIA RTX A2000 GPU and Omniverse Enterprise will drive major advancements for workloads of varying sizes and industries,” said Robert Chin, General Manager of Server Business Unit at ASUS. “The A2000-powered workstations will enable creators, designers, and engineers to improve and accelerate their workflow capabilities in collaborative virtual environments.”

“With the pronounced shift to hybrid work, artists and creators need to be able to collaborate from anywhere,” said Richard Kerris, vice president of the Omniverse development platform at NVIDIA. “Support from ASUS will allow more professionals to access NVIDIA RTX A2000-powered workstations and Omniverse Enterprise.”

  • ASUS workstations and servers offer NVIDIA RTX A2000 support

The new NVIDIA RTX A2000 GPU is built on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture and offers real-time ray-tracing, advanced graphics, accelerated AI, and PCI Express® 4.0 support in a compact, power-efficient design. This empowers ASUS servers and workstations to deliver greater GPU-compute capabilities, and elevates overall GPU rendering applications, as well as improving remote office activities.

ASUS workstations that support the NVIDIA RTX A2000 GPU include E900 G4, Pro E800 G4, E700 G4 and Pro E500 G6. This represents a range of both single and dual-socket systems, plus support for multiple GPUs, making them perfect choices for designers, engineers, and content creators. ASUS servers powered by the latest 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and AMD EPYC™ 7003 processors also fully support NVIDIA RTX A2000 GPUs.

  • ASUS offers ongoing support NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise with current and future portfolio

Selected ASUS servers are purpose-built, NVIDIA-Certified™ designs to accelerate HPC, AI and virtualization applications and have been validated for optimum performance, reliability and scale. ASUS will also support the NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise platform with future validated products, building a comprehensive ecosystem that includes ASUS servers, workstations, notebooks, desktops and monitors. The company’s intention is to support creators, designers and engineers to accelerate their workflows through this collaborative platform that features one-click interoperability between leading industry software tools and enables seamless collaboration in shared virtual spaces.