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    TUF Gaming M5

    8 out of 10

    Its main strengths lies within its six fully programmable buttons, a very advanced software and good design... at affordable price. For less than 50€, we have ASUS build quality, warrantly for a very interesting product which focus on the essential: Precision and reactivity of buttons are perfect. Mer
    https://www.asus.com/media/images/award_logo/1263/15288/A_setting_FFF_1_90_end_80.png TomsHardware

    Tastatur og mus
    ROG Gladius II Origin

    Silver Award

    The Asus ROG Gladius II Origin offers a great bundle with two extra omron switches as well as a transport pouch which is very interesting. Mer
    https://www.asus.com/media/images/award_logo/1263/15113/A_setting_FFF_1_90_end_80.png Overclocking Made in France
    Overclocking Made in France