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    ROG Scabbard

    Gadget Pilipinas 4.8/5 Stars

    The ROG Scabbard may be subtle in looks, but is all business when it comes to doing what a mousepad should do. The surface is made up of splash and scratch proof material combined with the rubber base gives you the confidence to just move your mouse however hard or in any erratic way. Mer
    https://www.asus.com/media/images/award_logo/1323/14947/A_setting_FFF_1_90_end_80.png Gadget Pilipinas
    Gadget Pilipinas

    Tastatur og mus
    ROG Gladius II

    B2G 8.6/10 Awesome

    For an SRP of Php 4,499, it definitely has a premium price tag giving this mouse a hard pass for some gamers despite its functionality. But for its price, you'll be getting a mouse with solid build quality, software control and aura sync for your other ASUS devices. With that said, we give the ROG Gladius II Gaming Mouse our Silver Award! Mer
    https://www.asus.com/media/images/award_logo/1323/14877/A_setting_FFF_1_90_end_80.png Back2Gaming