Xonar U5

Kompakt 5.1-kanals USB-lydkort og hodetelefonforsterker med 192 kHz/24-bits HD-lyd og Sonic Studio-programvare
  • Ekte 5.1-kanals HD (192kHz/24-bit) surroundlyd fra en kompakt, USB-drevet enhet
  • 104 dB signal-til-analog-forhold (SNR) sikrer ren lyd
  • Sonic Studio gir full kontroll over mange forskjellige lydteknologier
  • Perfekt Voice-teknologi eliminerer støy for klar og tydelig kommunikasjon i spillet
  • Uavhengige kontroller for mikrofon- og mastervolum sørger for umiddelbare volumjusteringer i spillet
  • Integrert hodetelefonforsterker gir klar og detaljert lyd for en oppslukende lydopplevelse
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A compact audio solution for incredible sound

Xonar U5 is a compact 5.1-channel USB sound card designed to provide PC gamers with high quality audio for games, music and movies. It follows in the footsteps of the award-winning Xonar U7 – providing you with strong and clear sound via headphones, and producing more impactful and detailed audio than onboard hardware. The Xonar U5 has no standalone power supply and connects to your PC via USB, allowing you to instantly plug-in without having to open the PC case.

Take complete control of your audio with Sonic Studio

Xonar U5 features the latest Sonic Studio software suite, so you have full control over every audio setting ranging from equalization (EQ) to 5.1-speaker level-balancing. Sonic Studio has a single navigation page that puts everything in front of you, with an intuitive point-and-click interface that allows you to pre-set audio profiles to suit different audio requirements.

Incredible input-noise reduction from Perfect Voice

Unlike noise-reduction technologies that rely on inverse phase noise cancellation, Xonar U5's Perfect Voice technology uses advanced algorithms to separate ambient noise from speech. The result is crystal clear in-game voice communication, so you can be heard even in noisy gaming environments like LAN parties.

Enjoy powerful audio quality from a compact and portable device

The compact and lightweight Xonar U5 features 192KHz/24-bit audio quality, a 104dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and true 5.1-channel surround sound for true high-definition output and consistent quality across all surround channels. Go big on audio with a sound card this small!

Pumps up every sound detail with the integrated headphone amplifier!

Xonar U5 includes a headphone amplifier that supports headphones all the way up to 150ohm impedance — so you can plug in some seriously powerful gaming headsets to hear every in-game detail!

Dedicated microphone and master volume controls

Dedicated controls let you tweak audio settings without interrupting your game – you can quickly adjust master and microphone volumes without pausing or entering menus.The master volume controls even doubles as an instant switch for selecting between headphone output and speakers with just a simple click.

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