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I/O Ports
1 x USB 3.0 forankoblet port for datamaskinsiden (type B-kontakt)
1 x MIC inn-port
1 x lyd ut-port
4 x USB 3.0-port
1 x DVI-I-port
1 x standard HDMI-port
1 x 10/100/1000M LAN-port
1 x type C-port
Model Name
AC100-240V ~ 50-60Hz 1.2A
Video Resolution
DVI-I singelutgang: 800*600 (4:3)
DVI-I singelutgang: 1024*768 (4:3)
DVI-I singelutgang: 1152*864 (4:3)
DVI-I singelutgang: 1280*720 (16:9)
DVI-I singelutgang: 1280*768 (16:9)
DVI-I singelutgang: 1280*800 (16:10)
DVI-I singelutgang: 1280*960 (4:3)
DVI-I singelutgang: 1360*768 (16:9)
DVI-I singelutgang: 1400*1050 (4:3)
DVI-I singelutgang: 1440*900 (16:10)
DVI-I singelutgang: 1600*900 (16:9)
DVI-I singelutgang: 1600*1200 (4:3)
DVI-I singelutgang: 1680*1050 (16:10)
DVI-I singelutgang: 1920*1080 (16:9)
DVI-I singelutgang: 1920*1200 (16:10)
DVI-I singelutgang: 2048*1152 (16:9)
HDMI singel ekst. Utgående: 800*600 (4:3)
HDMI singel ekst. Utgående: 1024*768 (4:3)
HDMI singel ekst. Utgående: 1152*864 (4:3)
HDMI singel ekst. Utgående: 1280*720 (16:9)
HDMI singel ekst. Utgående: 1280*768 (16:9)
HDMI singel ekst. Utgående: 1280*800 (16:10)
HDMI singel ekst. Utgående: 1280*960 (4:3)
HDMI singel ekst. Utgående: 1360*768 (16:9)
HDMI singel ekst. Utgående: 1400*1050 (4:3)
HDMI singel ekst. Utgående: 1440*900 (16:10)
HDMI singel ekst. Utgående: 1600*1200 (4:3)
HDMI singel ekst. Utgående: 1680*1050 (16:10)
HDMI singel ekst. Utgående: 1920*1080 (16:9)
HDMI singel ekst. Utgående: 1920*1200 (16:10)
HDMI singel ekst. Utgående: 2048*1152 (16:9)
HDMI singel ekst. Utgående: 3840*2160 (16:9)
OS Support
Windows® 10
Windows® 8 og opp
DC 19,0V/2,37A
Power Adapter
120W DC 19,0V/6,32A
Total Output
45 W
DC Plug
Cable Length
Output cable:160 cm Power Cord:90 cm
60 cm
147 g
59(L)*59(W)*28.5(H) mm
Docking :335.0(L) x 65.65(W) x 24.09(H) mm Stand: 75.27(L) x 23.0(W) x 49.06(H) mm
Package Contents
Adapter*1, Power cord*1, Booklet*1
Docking*1, USB 3.0 Micro-B to Type A Cable*1, Quick Start Guide*1, Installation CD*1, DVI-I to VGA adaptor*1, Stand*2, Power Adapter*1
Power cord is included according to different countries.
Compatible Model
R417YA, BR1100CKA, D515UA, E410KA, E410MA, P1511CJA, X415MA, X515JA, X515MA, R564DA, X512DA, D509DA, X409MA, E510MA, X509JA, M433IA, D413IA, M413IA, E210MA, D413DA, M533IA, TM420IA, M513IA, D513IA, S513EA, X415JA, Y1411CDA, D515DA, Y1511CDA, X415EA, X515EA, P1511CEA, D415UA, E210KA, BR1100FKA, X507MA, L203MA, UX433FA, X512FA, X712FA, X412FA, S533FA, X403FA, R424DA, X412DA, UM462DA, X409FA, X509FA, P1410CDA, P1510CDA, UM433DA, D712DA, S433FL, S433FA, X509MA, P1410CJA, P1510CJA, X403JA, X510UA, S406UA, E402WA, X540UA, X507UA, X407UA, A407MA, UX331UAL, K530UA, F540MA, E203MA, L406MA, S330UA, BX433FA, X420FA, S530FA, K530FA, UX331FAL, S430FA, P1504FA, S330FA, P1402FA, S531FA, S431FA, E402YA, TP412FA, E402NA, X541UA, UX310UA, X540YA, UX410UA, X541NA, BX430UA, E203NA, X542UA, A542UA, F542UA, S510UA, V510UA, K510UA, A411UA, X411UA, UX331UA, F540UA, F540NA, A507UA, S530UA, X540UB, C202SA, E406MA, F412DA, F512DA, F512FA, F512JA, F513IA, F515EA, F515JA, J401MA, L210MA, L402YA, L410MA, L510MA, M413DA–WS51, M415UA, M509DA, M515UA, M712DA, R420MA, R540SA, R541NA, R543MA, R564JA, R565MA, S333JA, S513IA, S532FA, S712FA, S712JA, TP202NA, TP203NA, TP401MA, TP410UA, TP412UA, UM325UA, UX331FA, W202NA, X543MA, E203NAH, E406NA, E510KA, TP1400KA, TP1401KA, TP203MA, TP300UA, TP420IA, TP501UA, UX305FA, UX334FA, UX431DA, UX431FA, UX434DA, UX434FA, UX462DA, UX562FA, X321JA, X409BA, X409DA, X409JA, X412UA, X415DA, X415FA, X415KA, X415UA, X421DA, X421FA, X421IA, X421JA, X431FA, X432FA, X441BA, X441MA, X441UA, X441UB, X509BA, X509DA, X509UA, X510QA, X512JA, X512UA, X512UB, X513FA, X513IA, X515DA, X515EP, X515FA, X515KA, X515UA, X521FA, X521IA, X531FA, X532FA, X540BA, X540MA, X540MB, X540NA, X541SA, X545FA, X545FB, X705MA, X712DA, X712JA
B1400CEAE, B1400CEPE, B1500CEAE, B1500CEPE, BR1100CKA, BR1100FKA, E410KA, E510KA, M5401WUA, UX425UG, UX434FAW, X7400PC, FA506IM, FA706IM, FA706II, G512LH, G531GD, G531GT, GA401IE, GU603HR, GU603HE, GU603HM, GV301QC, GX703HM, GX703HRD, GX703HSD