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Empowering the digital workflow from lens to screen



The National Film School opened its doors in 1971, and it has been a center of filmmaking since Beaconsfield Studios first opened for business in 1921. For half a century, the National Film and Television School (NFTS) has developed some of Britain’s, and the world’s, top creative talents. Awarded with both the 2018 BAFTA for Outstanding Contribution to British Cinema and the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education, the National Film and Television School has produced over 3,800 alumni in its 50 year history who have won 13 Oscars, 145 BAFTAs, 70 Emmys and countless nominations across all of them.

More behind-the-camera courses than any other film school
The NFTS is – and always has been a production house. They run more than 30 MA, Diploma and Certificate courses - as well as numerous short courses across a range of film, television and games disciplines. The school has more behind-the-camera courses than any other film school, including core craft areas such as directing and cinematography as well as specialist areas such as script supervision and production accounting. Their students get to learn from the industry professionals within the state-of-the-art facilities offering masterclasses from world renowned film, TV and games makers.


Internationally recognized institution in film and the moving image

NFTS is recognized internationally as one of the pre-eminent higher education institutions in film and the moving image. Their unique industry standard films studio, 4K Television and rehearsal studios make sure their students are well-prepared for real jobs that can produce award-winning films, TV shows and games. The NFTS leads the way in bringing forward the best film, TV and games design talent and is an essential talent pipeline for the UK’s creative industries.

“We try to reflect what the British film and television industry uses and the software that they're going to be using when they go into the workplace.” - Doug Shannon, Head of Systems and IT.


The challenges

The volume of motion images being captured and distributed across the globe is greater than ever. The growing demand for HDR, VR, and volumetric video creates new challenges and opportunities for engaging viewers’ eyes. For the next generation of colorists, the NFTS decided to test the latest range of ASUS ProArt equipment in their MA Digital Effects course and let their students have their say on how the ASUS ProArt range has affected their quality of work.

Color grading is a mix of art and technology. For MA students finishing their project with color grading, it is highly important to have a monitor that shows accurate color.


The solution: using ASUS ProArt monitors for consistent coloring solutions

NFTS has installed the ASUS ProArt PA32UCG 4K HDR monitor in their grading suite to give their students a high-quality image when finalizing their productions. In their MA Digital Effects teaching space, they have provided each student with the ProArt PA27UCX as a desktop monitor. This enables students to have color accuracy on their desktop when working on their productions from start to finish. This way the students don’t need to use the grading suite to check their work until they need to put the final touches to their project.


Nathaniel Skeels is a finishing color grading student at the NFTS and he mentions how vital the technology is to ensure the right color consistency and color condition to be able to show your work to filmmakers and cinematographers across the board. Whether you are delivering your project for cinema or any other screen, you need to know that your project is going to always have a consistent look.


Something that's really important is consistency, and consistency across monitors we work with on different screens. Here at the school we use the ASUS ProArt PA32UCG. They have great color conditions and they help us show our work to the best possible standard.” - Nathaniel Skeels, NFTS Color Grading & Finishing MA student.

Color grading is a mix of art and technology. For MA students finishing their project with color grading, it is highly important to have a monitor that shows accurate color. Vanessa Aparicio is finishing her MA in color grading and she mentions how having a software that works together with their monitor is vital for their line of work: "The ASUS ProArt monitors have really helped us in our process of creation because they are monitors that we can really rely on. They have really good calibration and the brights are really incredible. The shadows are really, really well kept as well.”


Highly powerful and responsive workstations

NFTS has a fully digital workflow from lens to screen. For students to deliver their projects digitally, they require equipment that is capable of working in real-time. Doug mentions that a fast and powerful workstation is key when working with a color grading software. After installing the SCAN 3XS ProArt Studio workstation powered by the ProArt B550-Creator motherboard in their grading suite, their students now have the tools that are instantly responsive to improve their quality of work.


The outcome

By having both the ASUS ProArt PA32UCG and PA27UCX monitors, students can now see the accurate and consistent representation they need when they are starting their projects. Because the ASUS ProArt range really fits into what their students need to deliver quality productions, NFTS decided to invest in these monitors and install them throughout their MA Digital Effects teaching spaces.

“The quality and the value of the ASUS ProArt monitors are the reason why we decided to invest in them at the school. ” - Doug Shannon, Head of Systems and IT.


Product installed


ProArt PA32UCG-K / PA27UCX-K
-32”/ 27” 4K HDR
-Up to 1600/1000 nits peak brightness
-Support Dolby Vision, HDR-10, HLG
-Calman Ready

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ProArt B550-Creator
-Dual Thunderbolt 4 Type-C ports
-Dual Intel 2.5Gb Ethernet
-Dual M.2

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