[Motherboard]How to update Motherboard BMC Firmware?

Update BMC FW will get better experience and stability

We provide two ways to update BMC FW and you can choose the one that fit for you

Please go to website and download the BMC FW first

a. Go to ASUS download center and input your model name, click [Driver & Utility]

b.Change to [BIOS & FIRMWARE] page ,find Firmware and click [DOWNLOAD]

c. Extract the download file


If the file extension  is named .ima file, please refer to method 1: Update BMC FW on Web UI

If the file extension  is an .exe executable file, please refer to method 2: Update BMC FW under DOS


method 1:Update BMC FW on Web UI

method 2:Update BMC FW under DO

Common question:can't log in by ASMB9-iKVM


Update BMC FW on Web UI

1. Power on the system and press <delete> key to enter BIOS [EZ Mode]

2. Press <F7> key and go to [Advance Mode]

(If enter BIOS [Advanced Mode)] directly  , and then no need to press <F7> key again)

3. Click [Server Mgmt], query BMC IP address in Server Mgmt\BMC network configuration, for example, IP Address in BMC:

4. Open brower and input https://IP address(IP address is the same as noted as item 3),log in ASMB9-iKVM,account and password are all admin

    Please note,the first number of account  and password are in lower case

5. Please download and extract the BMC Firmware file from website

6. Select Firmware update in Maintenance menu,select the download firmware file (named as *.ima file) and clieck [Start firmware update]

7. Select Full Flash item and it will auto update as below picture

Update BMC FW in DOS

1. Please prepare a boot Pure DOS USB storage device

2. Copy the download BMC firmware file to pure DOS USB storage device root content

3. Insert pure DOS USB storage device to USB port

4. Power on the system and select the pure DOS USB storage device

5. Go to pure DOS USB storage device and execute as below

Step1:dir /w (Check the root file)

Step 2:cd X299SE (go to the download firmware file)

Step 3:dir /w (Check the firmware file)

Step 4:FLASH1.BAT(execute firmware update)

*Please execute FLASH1.BAT or FLASH2.BAT according to how to update BMC firmware

FLASH1.BAT: update BMC firmware and keep some BMC settings

FLASH2.BAT: update BMC firmware and don't keep any BMC settings


6. Input Y and press [enter] key 

7. Please reboot the system after fininsh the updating 


Common question

Q: can't log in by ASMB9-iKVM?

A: Please troubshooting by below steps

1. Please refer the steps by update BMC firmware by WebUI

2. Please connect the two Lan port to the same network

3. Please close the firmwall if still can't log in