[Phone] Troubleshooting - Fail to detect and read SIM card

*Pad model :This troubleshooting only supports models with Call Function 

Please follow below steps for troubleshooting:

1. Reinstall SIM card   

2. Restart your device   

3. Remove the SIM card, then use the eraser to clean the metal contact part on SIM card and re-install it.   

4. If you keep another SIM card , install it to your device and check whether the device can detect and read SIM card ; or try to install your SIM card to other deivces (phone or card reader) to check whether SIM card can be detected.

    Attention : Please do not use any SIM card adapter.

5. Above steps help you judge whether either the device or the SIM card causes the abnormal operation. Please contact telephone company if the SIM card is abnormally working.     

6. Update firmware to the lastest version:[Settings] > [System] > [System updates] > Click [ Check now]    

7. We suggest you Backup your data and Perform data reset. Steps for Reset : [ Settings ] > [ Backup & reset ] > [ Factory data reset ] > [Reset phone] 

 Attention:Once RESET was performed, all data ,apps, settings and personal information will be cleaned and back to default. 

If the SIM card is still not recognized and read after performing the above steps, we suggest that you contact the ASUS Product Support and send the device for repair.