ASUS recommends Windows 11 Pro for business.

Improve performance

An efficient and productive workforce is essential to ensure that a business can seize market opportunities and reduce time-to-market for the maximum competitive advantage. Ensuring that staffs have sufficient computing power at their disposal to be able to work effectively is a critical consideration.

Matching the capabilities of the equipment to the needs of the task is an important consideration when optimizing business efficiency. Powerful workstations, with their advanced 2D and 3D graphics capabilities and outstanding expansion capabilities, are perfect for engineers, product designers and developers who work with resource-hungry applications. Fast, reliable and ergonomic notebook computers are ideal for mobile applicatioDns or hot-desking environments.

The correct choice of peripherals is also important. ASUS professional-grade displays are an ideal match for any computer, with quality-enhancing and productivity-improving features such as factory color calibration, QuickFit Virtual Scale and Splendid Video Intelligence Technology. Large displays provide larger workspaces for multitasking, and advanced ergonomic design helps reduces fatigue. An external monitor is an essential accessory for notebook users when they are working in the office.

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