Actual throughput up to 100Mbps

    • 8X the speed of standard 802.11g devices
    • 8X the coverage of standard 802.11g devices
    • Faster than wired Ethernet
    • Superior reception
    • Reaches all corners of any environment

    240 MIMO Technology – actual throughput up to 100Mbps!
    MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output)

    The WL-566gM/106gM utilizes 240 MIMO Technology to harness multiple signal transmission pathways, created as the transmitted signal reflects off and refracts around objects causing what was once considered interference.

    With clever signal processing, the WL-566gM/106gM leveraged that interference to boost a WLAN's range and data transfer rate.

    Cut the wires! Enjoy wireless connectivity @ wired speeds of actual throughput up to 100Mbps. ASUS 240 MIMO provides 8X coverage & speed compared to standard G.

    Benefits of 240 MIMO

    1. Better Sensitivity: 8X signal coverage of 802.11g standard.
    2. Maximum throughput: Boost data transfer speed up to 100Mbps
    3. Cut wire and Enjoy wireless

    *240 MIMO support is also required on the client side to achieve maximum performance.

    Compatibility – Fully compatible with IEEE 802.11b/g

    Partner with 240 MIMO Technology routers for speed and range enhancement
    The WL-106gM, with 240MIMO technology, optimizes signal range and data transfer speed through connection with 240MIMO-capable wireless routers (WL-566gM).

    WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia)
    WWM provides multimedia enhancements for Wi-Fi networks to improve sharing of audio, video, and voice contents.

    ASUS offers the wireless adaptors with such support:

    8X the speed and coverage
    With "240 MIMO" technology, the WL-566gM boosts wireless transfer speeds by 8X compared with those of standard 802.11g devices. (240 MIMO support is also required on the client side for maximum performance. ASUS offers such adaptors: WL-106gM). Note: Actual throughput will vary depending on the wireless environment and other parameters.
    100% Interoperable
    ASUS WL-566gM supports MIMO and a/b/g traffic on the same network, at the same time

    EZSetup: Set up wireless LAN in 2 easy steps

    The WL-566gM automatically registers various wireless devices in seconds with just a press of the EZSetup button and through the EZSetup Wizard.
    Step 1:
    Push the EZSetup button on the back of the wireless router over 3 seconds until power LED is blinking.
    Step 2:
    Press EZSetup icon in this wizard utility
    Step 3:
    The wireless router is in a special EZSetup mode, and after 30 seconds the wireless client setting is restored in router.

    Windows XP native support for WLAN functions

    • Rich add-on features and utilities
    • Mobile control center: Integrate all tools and indicate real-time status on system tray.
    • Wireless setting: Diagnose and configure wireless network settings with the online trouble-shooting feature.
    • Mobile manager: Support automatic roaming and network reconfiguration between different locations.
    • Site survey: Easily explore wireless network topology.
    • 1-touch setup wizard: High-speed wireless network is just a few clicks away.