Energy saving and super-quiet tower server perfect for SMB

    • The ASUS TS100-E8-PI4 is an entry-level tower server supporting the latest Intel® Xeon® E3-1200 v3 processor family with onboard RAID and complete remote server management through ASWM Enterprise. It also features an 80 PLUS Bronze power supply for enhanced energy savings, and facilitates work environments as quiet as 27dB (idle mode), which is significantly quieter even than the average projector.
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      The latest Intel® CPUs

      The TS100-E8-PI4 is ready for new-generation Intel® Xeon® 22nm processors, which deliver a significant performance improvement over previous-generation CPUs.

      PCI Express 3.0-ready with workstation expandability

      The TS100-E8-PI4 ships with one PCI Express 3.0 x16 slot, designed to accommodate the power of graphics cards and other add-on components. To ensure flexibility, it has a PCI slot for legacy LAN card, graphics card, and audio card applications. A dedicated MIO slot provides customers additional audio capability options through ASUS MIO cards.

      Ultra-quiet and energy saving

      The TS100-E8-PI4 performs as quiet as a low 27dB (under idle mode), which is less than the noise output of a projector (average 42dB). It therefore offers a super-quiet environment, and ships with an 80 PLUS Bronze power supply to reduce power loss and power consumption, helping consumers save on energy bills.

      Comprehensive remote management

      ASUS presents the most complete remote server control, with ASWM Enterprise providing “one on many” usage. ASWM Enterprise‘s centralized design gives administrators access to BIOS updates, remote control, and power supervision on all servers simultaneously. IT professionals don’t have to monitor servers one by one, but can instead use ASWM Enterprise to check the status of all servers through a friendly graphical user interface.