ASUS WL-520g

    Con la Tecnología “Afterburner”, WL-520g puede aumentar la velocidad de transferencia inalámbrica aproximadamente 35% comparando con las velocidades estándares 802.11g (el soporte Afterburner es también requerido en el lado cliente/adaptador, tales como WL-100g Deluxe y WL-100g V2 de ASUS).

      EZSetup - Setup wireless LAN in 2easy steps
      The ASUS Wireless Router will automatically register various wireless-capable devices in seconds with just a press of the EZSetup Button and use the EZSetup Wizard.
      Step 1:
      Push the EZSetup button on the back of the wireless router over 3 seconds until power LED is blinking.
      Step 2:
      Press EZSetup icon in this wizard utility
      Step 3:
      The wireless router is in a special EZSetup mode, and after 30 seconds the wireless client setting is restored in router.
      125* High Speed Mode

      With "Afterburner" technology, the WL-520g boosts wireless transfer speeds by 35% compared with standard 802.11g devices
      (Afterburner support is also required on client/adapter side, such as the ASUS WL-100g Deluxe and WL-100gE).

      Note: Actual throughput will vary depending on the wireless environment and other parameters.

      Share Internet connection all around home or office

      • Wireless Internet available with any wireless-enabled PC, Notebook and PDA
      • Use ASUS wireless adapters for non-wireless enabled systems.

      Wireless Distribution System extends wireless coverage for maximum output and speed

      • Point to Point and Point to Multi-Point
      • Connect to Access Point and client at the same time

      Fastest data transmission rate
      Speed up when connected with the WL-500g Deluxe. Smooth data transmission enhances your wireless experience.

      Standard compliant with IEEE 802.11g

      Excellent receiver sensitivity for best-in-class range
      Superior performance in real-world operating environments even in the presence of other wireless LAN, Bluetooth™ devices and microwave oven interference

      Lowest CPU utilization design leaves system resources available for other functions

      Enhanced security

      • 64/128 bit WEP support
      • Work with Windows XP SP1 security WPA functions
      • Driver upgradeable to support weak-key avoidance, TKIP, 802.11i, and 802.1x

      Easy installation and management

      • Seamless Microsoft XP zero-configuration integration with advanced utilities and common GUI for legacy OS
      • Easy to use with WHQL certified drivers for Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 98 SE and Linux Redhat (version7.1 or later)
      • Profile Auto-Switch function enables seamless roaming between home, office and caf.

      64/128 bit WEP encryption, driver upgradeable to support WPA

      Support Windows XP/98/ME/2000

      Rich add-on features and utilities

      Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM™)
      WMM™ enhances wireless transfer of multimedia contents, providing wireless network users an improved experience for sharing audio and video files. WMM™ is a profile of the upcoming IEEE 802.11e Quality of Service (QoS) extensions for 802.11 networks. QoS and multimedia support are critical to wireless home networks, which require video on demand, audio on demand, voice over IP and high-speed Internet access. (WMM™ support is also required on client side.)
      Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2™)
      WPA2™ is the next-generation Wi-Fi security standard, combining the most powerful authentication and encryption techniques, such as the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to provide government grade security to protect wireless networks from unauthorized use. WPA2™ is designed to be backwards compatible with the original WPA standard, and therefore, WPA2™ also supports TKIP, AES, WPA, WPA-PSK and 802.1x authenticated WPA networks. WEP, ACL and SPI firewall are also included to make sure information doesn't fall into the wrong hands.
      ASUS WL-520g Retail Package
      WL-520g wireless router
      Power adapter
      External antenna
      Driver and Utility CD
      RJ-45 cable
      Quick Start Guide