ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro for business


When it comes to hotel facilities, guests are increasingly sophisticated in their technology-related demands and expectations. A vital challenge to the industry is to ensure repeat business by meeting or exceeding these needs, and to maintain competitive advantage while increasing business efficiency.

Modern hotels need to employ a wide range of technologies, whether for enabling back-end administrative and management functions, or for enhancing customer-facing areas such as lobbies, guest rooms, dining and leisure facilities or conference areas. The intelligent use of equipment such as digital signage or computer-based information kiosks can help to not only improve the efficiency of reception and service staff, but also increase customer satisfaction.

The provision of fast, reliable wireless and/or wired internet connectivity in public areas and guest rooms is no longer an optional extra, but a competitive necessity demanded by both business and leisure users.

Fully-equipped conferencing facilities and business centers can help improve off-peak occupancy rates. Such facilities must be able to replicate most of the facilities found in office environments, including reliable and durable computers, fast internet connectivity and a range of AV equipment.

ASUS offers comprehensive range of products with complete management capabilities to meet the complex and diverse IT needs of the hotel industry, not only providing the convenience of a ‘one-stop shop’, but also delivering world-class support and personalized warranty services.

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