ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro for business

Independent Retailers

Independent retailers can rarely match the funding, manpower and logistical expertise of larger chains, putting them at an immediate competitive disadvantage. The effective implementation and use of appropriate technology can help redress the balance, allowing retailers to capitalize on their core strengths.

Installing a digital POS system is one of the first steps that can be made to improve competitiveness. By providing effective inventory management and an efficient customer checkout process, these systems can help retailers maximize customer satisfaction while reducing stock-related overheads. In addition, limited marketing budgets can be profitably used to install digital signage, which can reduce the need for expensive printed materials to display in-store promotions or product information. Gradual computerization can help retailers create and manage a powerful database of customer information, which in turn can help target customers and improve and levels of customer service, leading to better repeat business.

ASUS has a comprehensive product range, and can provide competitive tailored solutions for any small business, helping you to make the most of your budget. From space-saving All-in-One PCs with convenient touchscreen functionality, ultra-compact Mini PCs that can be combined with POS systems and our wide range of display and digital signage products, through to wired or wireless networking infrastructure to suit any size of premises.

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