ASUS Turbo GeForce® GTX 960 graphics deliver the sweet spot of performance

    • 1253 MHz engine clockfor better performance and outstanding gaming experience.
    • Dual-intake blower designwith 10% larger dissipation area, delivering 10% cooler and vastly quieter performance.
    • Dual-ball bearing fanruns smoother by reducing friction, further improving 4X longer card lifespan and cooling efficiency.
    • Super Alloy Powerboosts performance by reducing power loss, enhancing durability, and achieving cooler operation.
    • GPU Tweak II with Xsplit Gamecasterprovides intuitive performance tweaking and lets you stream your gameplay instantly.
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      The White Pinnacle of Cool Performance

      ASUS Turbo GTX 960 is a special-edition graphics card with distinctive white coloring. Featuring an innovative modern dual-intake blower design and 10% larger heat-dissipation area, ASUS Turbo GTX 960 delivers 10% cooler performance and superior SLI configurations. It also comes equipped with a dual ball-bearing fan for a 4X longer card lifespan and exclusive Super Alloy Power components for superior stability.

      With 1-year free premium license of customized ASUS GPU Tweak II and XSplitGamecaster utility, ASUS Turbo GTX 960 enables you to squeeze every last drop of performance and lets you stream or record your gameplay instantly. The latest in a long line of industry innovations, ASUS Turbo GTX 960 represents yet another pinnacle in pursuit of the perfect graphics card.

      I/O Ports Highlight

      1 x Native DVI-I
      1 x Native HDMI 2.0
      3 x Native Display Port

      Dual-intake Blower Fan

      10% cooler than reference cards and 7% cooler when running SLI configurations

      With 10% greater dissipation area and double-intake blower design, ASUS Turbo GTX 960 is 10% cooler than reference cards and 7% cooler when running SLI configurations.

      Tough ball-bearings on both sides of the fan housing provide greater strength and higher heat tolerance. With reduced friction, it also runs smoother, further improving 4X longer card lifespan.

      Dual-ball bearing fan

      4X longer lifespan

      Without the problem of oil drying common in sleeve-bearing fans, the dual-ball bearing fan on ASUS Turbo GTX 960 lasts 4X longer. With reduced friction, it also runs smoother, further improving card lifespan and cooling efficiency.

      Super Alloy Power

      Enhanced durability and cooling

      Exclusively formulated alloy components boost performance by reducing power loss, enhancing durability and facilitating cooler operation. Concrete-core chokes eliminate buzzing sounds under full load, and the card's capacitors have a 50,000-hour lifespan — 2.5X longer than traditional capacitors.

      GPU Tweak II with Xsplit Gamecaster

      Tweak Till Your Heart's Content

      With an intuitive new UI, GPU Tweak II makes overclocking easier than ever, and features Game Booster to maximize graphics performance and XSplit Gamecaster to stream or record your gameplay.


      Now, you can also launch XSplitGamecaster to bring up the in-game overlay and start streaming or recording your gameplay with the click of a button. You can also try the in-game annotations and video editor features to enhance your game stream experience.
      Learn more about XSplitGamecaster

      GeForce GTX 960

      Technology for intelligent monitoring of clock speed, ensuring that the GPU runs at its peak and the game is at its highest frame rate possible. It offers new levels of customization, including GPU temperature target, overclocking, and unlocked voltage

      Get more than just faster frame rates. Get ultra-smooth gaming every time with NVIDIA® gaming innovation Adaptive Vertical Sync. This technology dynamically adjusts vsync to current frame rates for maximum playability.

      Play games with advanced effects such as blazing explosions and lifelike characters with 10X faster switching between graphics and physics processing, enabling more complex effects to be rendered in real time.

      Multi-GPU technology for extreme performance

      Bring games to life with NVIDIA® Surround™ multi-monitor gaming on a single card